New Poll: Rate your satisfaction for the 2022 Utah Football season

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      Tony (admin)

      How satisfied are you with the 2022 Utah Football season? Vote in the latest poll! Comment why you voted the way you did in this thread.

      Personally I voted very satisfied: Beat USC twice (top 10 team), won second consecutive Pac-12 championship, went to Rose Bowl.

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      Ute Fan

      Voted satisfied. The reason not very satisfied is I feel we had the team that could have ended up with maybe 1 loss. I know losing some key people for the season and during a couple of games didn’t help. But Florida was definitely a winnable game. That one still perplexes me. Also, Oregon we really screwed the pooch on. I’ll give UCLA as just our 1 f…up game we seem to have every year. So therefore we really didn’t have any business being in the PAC championship game and really backed into that one as the football gods shown down on us. We did win it though so that is a definite plus. Not sure why so flat in the RB but that was another definite winnable game. Although it did expose some of our week areas. But really excited about this years signed class and looking forward to the future. We are definitely on a steady upward trend. Go Utes.

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        Ute Fan

        Good summary, I concur.  Utes gained a lot of respect nationally with the 2 USC wins.  Really wish they could have pulled out the Florida win, it was so close,  and not sure why the defense was not able to contain Anthony Richardson.   Overall can’t argue with the repeat Pac-12 championship and Rose Bowl appearance.  Uncharacteristically, it seemed the defense had the key lapses that prevented a totally awesome season.

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      Ute Fan

      My vote was “Satisfied”.

      The Rose Bowl was obviously dissapointing. Like most of their losses, the team just didn’t seem quite right. That said, they still won the Pac-12 and went to the Rose Bowl!

      Still, you can’t really be too sad about a season with a Pac-12 championship! I just really wanted to see them win a Rose Bowl…

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      Ute Fan

      Winning the conference, likely top 15 final AP ranking means I’m firmly in the “satisfied” category.

      I can’t go beyond that because nothing Utah did this year exceeded expectations.

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      Ute Fan

      This was an amazing season.

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        Ute Fan

        The team had the highest ever expectations placed on them back in August and didn’t meet them.

        Season saw us mostly outplay Florida in the swamp, but fail on the biggest plays of that game.  Also saw us avenge last year’s heart breaking defeat against the Aztecs, as well as beating USC twice (one time was among the greatest most exciting games ever seen in Rice-Eccles, other saw us take them to the woodshed in Vegas and we lifted the trophy a second straight year).  Ended with a return to the Rose Bowl but we were a bit outmatched against an outstanding Penn State and losing Cam was very costly.  Meanwhile over the last few weeks, have signed our best recruiting class ever.

        I vote for satisfied.  Future is bright.  Can’t wait for next fall.



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          Ute Fan

          I felt we knew we would have a dropoff on the defensive side this year with less experience and youth (but that does mean that next year we expect a ton more). I thought expectations were maybe highest ever for the offense, but overall, I kind of felt last year the team had higher expectations overall. There was highest ever hope this year, but we knew ST was a struggle and defense wouldn’t be as good so hoping for the offense to carry the team was a big ask – would’ve, could’ve, should’ve if we didn’t have injuries to Kuithe, even Curry, later Kincaid, Rising and if TT was last year’s self, not the distraction he became.

          I put Very Satisfied. 10 wins. Conference Champs. And Rose Bowl. With the injuries we had and several players stepping in/up (esp. JJ, even Kincaid, Bernard, Parks, etc. but I will also put Barnes winning WSU). And I will not ever be convinced by anyone that we ‘backed in’ to CCG – we all played our conference slate/schedule and all were subject to the same tie-breakers. If the schedules were different order with the same W and L, let’s say Oregon St. was last, we would have ‘won our way in’. 

          Florida was the most disappointing – full strength but again, young defense and Rising forces stuff a little on the road. UCLA was a little disappointing but at the time they were playing well then started to fall apart. Oregon, we just got beat.

          Next season (depends on who returns or develops), I could see 9-4 (bowl win) to 3x PAC12 champs and chance to be in CFP (but luck is always involved and we’ll likely have at least 2 losses, even as champs). It’ll be another fun year. Some of the recruiting class will have immediate impact, but probably only 3-4 of them (+transfers) but create even more depth when injuries inevitably happen.

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      Ute Fan

      Very satisfied. The team made progress, and won back-to-back PAC-12 Championships after getting every team’s best shot as defending champions.

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      Ute Fan

      I voted “Very Satisfied”. At the start of the season, I predicted four losses, with a non-New Year’s bowl, such as the Holiday Bowl. So, the Rose Bowl exceeded my expectations. Honestly, I did not expect another conference championship, and I was ecstatic with another PAC-12 championship.

      I expected the team to be hurt by losing Covey on offense, and Lloyd on defense, which is why I didn’t think a New Year’s bowl would happen.

      Sure would have loved to get that Rose Bowl win, but it’s amazing to have gone there back-to-back.

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