Oddly, I think our chances of winning Saturday have now increased.

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        I was afraid with Huntley down that our offensive game plan was going to be “give the ball to Moss 35 times.”  Moss is great, but it would not have worked because Oregon would have stacked the box.  Now, I think we will be forced to be more creative.

        I hate that Moss and Huntley are down.  It may mean that we don’t win the south this year.  However, it does mean that others will get quality minutes and prepare us better for 2019 where our schedule is much more favorable.  Don’t get me wrong, I have not given up on 2018.  But, getting playing time for some key players – may pay dividends for next year.

        Got Utes!!!


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        Ute Fan

        Shhh…most on the board don’t like positivity or any talk of the Utes doing well. At the very least throw in a “Fire Whit!” to appease them. 

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          Itacoatiara – It’s amazing to me the lengths that Kyle will go to to protect his job.  He takes out his two best offensive players and now nobody can blame him for loosing the last three games.  In fact, I think he did it just so he can help Kalani be successful and end the drought in Provo.

          (Was that good enough?  I misspelled losing on purpose, so I should at least get some points for that…)

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        Ute Fan

        I kind of think it sounds fun for Saturday. It is almost like the home opener on another Utah season starts this weekend. If it was against Oregon st it wouldn’t suck. 

        My only big time worry is that the defense is going to be asked to play too many minutes. Too many reps lead to injuries and it just sort of damages the ending of the season.  That is where the team has worn down consistently with Whitt. You have depth but it is nice to just have your A players get some rest and not grind every victory. Offense was finally taking some pressure off the defense in consecutive games. 

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          Ute Fan

          Home opener for 2020  🙂

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        Ute Fan

        I think we will finally see the offense that Taylor wants to run. A lot of RPO, QB running a lot, short quick passes, with the RB filling in between to keep the defense honest. 

        Brian Thompson is back so with all our losses, we get a HUGE player back. Before the season started, I had Thompson as our #2 offensive weapon behind Moss. 

        I’m very curious to see what we unveil on Saturday. I think Shelley can do a really good job. I said last January that if Huntley didn’t step up his game during spring ball that Shelley would push to start. I believe in him. 


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        Let’s not forget Oregon’s starting center is suspended for the first half and they lost their starting left tackle for the season a few weeks ago. They lost 44-15 at Arizona a few weeks ago. This is a wounded Oregon team vs a wounded Utah team. Oregon’s best win this year is probably against Washington at home. Washington lost to Cal on the road two weeks ago. Every team has injuries and isn’t the same as earlier this year. This Oregon team would lose to the one from a month ago and same for Utah.

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        Ute Fan

        So your logic for our chances increasing is that you assumed our coaches would have planned to give Moss 35 carries but now that he is gone they will be forced to be better coaches and make a better game plan?

        Have you been spending time on Cougarboad?…be honest.

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