I think one play was the difference

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      After sleeping on it, I really think the game boiled down to one play:  Shelley’s first fumble.   Utah was driving, got down to the NW 5 yard line, and was looking to score and go up 28-10 early in the third.  Instead, Shelley tries to do too much on a boneheaded rollout, fumbles, and it’s returned 85 yards the other way.  So instead of being up 28-10, having a ton of confidence, and going more into grind mode with the running game against a demoralized defense, it’s now 20-17 and Utah (well, Taylor specifically) panicked.  Started throwing the ball all over the yard, which then led to multiple tipped passes, INTs, and WR fumbles.  Cue epic meltdown.

      Had that play gone differently, I expect we see a different result…but it didn’t, and we didn’t.  Sucks, but such is football.

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      Ute Fan

      I honestly think momentum turned at the end of the second quarter when we couldn’t punch in a touchdown on there 1 yard line 3 times and had to settle for a field goal. They had so much confidence after that.

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        Ute Fan

        Yep, both were huge. The fg wiped 4 points off the board (the missed PI on Nacua was big), then the fumble was a 14 point swing. Essentially an 18 point swing (in a best case scenario), that switches the score to 31-24, Utah. Keep in mind too, that’s still with 5 turnovers too. 


        I have have no problem with what Shelley did on the fumble. He kept a ton of plays alive early with his legs. Utah not going up 28-3 is what really did them in. 

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      Ute Fan

      While I agree that play was a gut punch, it doesn’t mean Utah needed to fold like some mental midget.  NW didn’t have superior athletes (infact, I say Utah has better athletes across the board) but they clearly had a stronger character and resolve.

      kwhitt teams have big mental insecurities when forced to play from behind.  Instead of stepping up and believing in themselves they fold like a cheap suit  

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        Like in the byu game, where they could have mailed it in since it was meaningless?

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        Ute Fan

        Out coached in the 2nd half. As KW would say…we made them one dimensional. KWhitt struggles to effectively coach his teams to play as winners. The team culture is more comfortable playing as the hunters not the hunted.

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      I just think it was Freshman mistakes by both Shelley and Dixon. Then, in the words of Shane Falco, pretty soon everything goes wrong and you’re stuck, like quick sand.
      The pressure got to the freshmen.
      That’s all.

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        Ute Fan

        Three observations from the stands, other than turnovers.

        1. WRs unable to get separation or unwillingness to come back to the ball

        2. From the 2d QTR on NW’s defense looked like NIU’s faster to the running gaps, turning 7-8 yard runs into 2-3 yard runs

        3. There was something in the DNA that failed last night. The team that held UW to 3 points on offense, and came back against BYU left those lessons unlearned.

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      Ute Fan

      I love Whitt. But I do agree. Whitt is better as the hunter than the hunted. I expect Moss to go. But I think there’s a possibility that he comes back.

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      Ute Fan

      My opinion – everyone who catches balls on this team isn’t good enough. Not only do we not have stars (WRs, TEs, RBs) in the receiving corps, we have guys who aren’t even good enough to be called “serviceable”. How many games have been lost this year by receivers?

      The first Washington game featured at least two receiver fumbles
      The second Washington game – Mariner
      The Holiday Bowl was at least one fumble by a receiver after he caught the ball.

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      Ute Fan

      I tend to think it turned on that facemask takedown PI they didn’t call.

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        Ute Fan

        In reply to the comments that the no-call of PI and/or facemask on 1st and goal was the game changer, it should be noted that a PI call was made in the end zone 2 plays later, resulting in the exact same opportunity (1st and goal at the 2) the Utes would have had if the call was made on first down. The Utes did not capitalize.

        In reality, as odd as it is, Utah had two extra chances to score a touchdown because the call was not made on first down, an incomplete pass on second and a questionable but just PI on an incomplete pass on third, and did not score on either.

        I do think this sequence was a turning point, but it was because the NU defense tightened its rush lanes and released its linebackers from defending interior runs to attack the edges and cover the zones underneath since the Utah Oline was not creating any room for their running backs to cause any damage at all.

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