PAC12 Fall Season (Stanford, Utah -v- BYU?)

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      From a 247 Article: 247 Article Link

      The article discusses Stanford’s objections/issues with a fall football season: “… sources from within the conference are saying the primary objector posing the most formidable impediment is Stanford.”

      But later (interestingly); Among the other issues: Utah is wanting to start its season earlier than the proposed schedule and perhaps looking for an alternate plan to do that; USC also considering season plans outside of the Pac-12; and Cal and UCLA lukewarmly agreeing with Stanford since the two UC schools see themselves as similarly high-minded and Ivy League-adjacent.

      Question: Would or does that plan include a game with BYU?

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      Cougarboard seems to think that means the Utah vs TDS game is back on. I tend to agree if the Utes are allowed to do it. Also I heard on the radio today that UCLA is not on Stanfords side here, I can’t remember who I was listening to but they were saying their information from a source in the program is that UCLA wants to start football this fall.

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        If it doesn’t interfere with a p12 schedule in all for playing the tds game

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          Never. Play. Those. Pricks. Again…

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      If we take that BYU game, then Harlan is an absolute moron. I’m assuming we would play them in late October as our first game. Meanwhile, they will have had a Fall camp, 8 or so weeks of practice, and probably have played 5 games by then. That is a recipe for a rivalry loss. 

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        Can’t play the Yners in October.  They haven’t any open dates until November.  But so what?  Screw those losers.  Let them set their own personal record for their weakest SOS in the indy-irrelevance era.  I’d rather not validate their schedule in any way, until they’re ready to accept a 2-for-1 or a one-off from us in SLC.  It’s what they’d have done to us had the shoe been on the other foot, and the proof of that is that that’s exactly what they’d done to Utah State until their 3rd year of indy-irrelevance, and what they’re doing now to Tex St, UTSA, La Tech, and WKy.  Why should we treat them any different?

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