Reilly talking about Marcus Williams and Tauteoli out this weekend.

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      Thoughts on playing UCLA now?

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      Ute Fan

      Tim Patrick back… Joe Williams back… Only scored 9 pts last year… I like the Utes in a statement game. Couple weeks of terrible play gets cleaned up and Troy has a target that comes down with the ball…
      ARod has to mix up the game plan though, trying to run up the middle vs UCLA isn’t going to get the W.

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      Ute Fan

      Very cautiously optimistic. The staff will have a full week to prepare knowing what pieces they have. Moss should be back, I’m hoping Patrick can be back as well (he made a few appearances in the game last week).

      If Rosen isn’t playing, I still think we have a very good chance to win this game. If Rosen is healthy and playing, then it could be a long day.

      Edit: Also extremely relieved to hear that neither injury is season-ending.

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      Both are key players. That said, UCLA has a horrible OL and resultant run game. 50 total yards rushing the last two games. The Utah DL should be able to pressure UCLA’s backup QB Fafaul which will result in INTs. He threw two INTs against WSU. Their WRs have horrible hands. Their punting and place kicking are the worst in the PAC. But, their defense is good.

      Troy Williams needs to perform more like he did against USC than he did against Cal and OSU.

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      Ute Fan

      If Tim Patrick comes back healthy I like our chances. I’m a little worried UCLA is desparate and comes out with their hair on fire. No Marcus Williams and Tauteoli worries me too. Although they’ve struggled, UCLA has some super athletic receivers and running backs and I think it will be tough for Barton and Fogal to matchup. The D-Line is going to have to dominate.

      If Patrick is back I expect to see a heavy pass attack, which will be nice after last week.

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