RPO, Huntley, Moss, and Covey

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      Ute Fan

      Starting to get back into football mode after basketball season and a long football offseason feels really weird sometimes. What is football? Do I remember what even happened last year? So, as I’m digging back into things, criticisms seem to stick with me longer than things we did right. I firmly remember many a time last season where it felt like Huntley was trying to do too much with the ball which usually ended in him pulling it down and running A LOT out of the RPO stuff. Naturally, a lot of that also had to do with broken plays and the O-Line having various issues throughout the season. Another issue that emerged from this was Huntley relying on Carrington too much at times, resulting in forced throws.

      As the year carried on and Troy took over for a few weeks, Moss started to come into his own and when Huntley came back, it seemed as if Huntley started to trust Moss more or Moss simply started to do more with the ball when called upon.

      In any case, do any of you think this will turn into a notable gripe again? I feel like the coaches started to reel in Huntley at the end of the year, partly due to injury fears but also due to Moss coming on hot. I also feel like Covey might play a very key role as an underneath/flat safety valve in RPO play calls, assuming he’s returned to what he was before the mission. All in all, I’m much more optimistic about the offense truly shedding its red zone woes this year as that storyline may very well rear its ugly head again simply as a talking point from last year.

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      Ute Fan

      If Huntley corrects some little issues, those issues btw are very correctable and coachable. We may see a south title or better. I really believe it will happen, but I think the Oline needs to gel faster this time vs last season. Something we overlooked is things tended to get better up front which helped Moss out a lot. 

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        Ute Fan

        Huntley needs to improve accuracy on the deep routes and pocket awareness for a South title or anything more to occur. Those aren’t easy issues to correct especially with inexperienced WR’s.

        Defenses are going to load the box and force Huntley to beat them deep.

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          Ute Fan

          Teams have been stacking the box for years on Utah. Difference now I believe and hope is Utah actually has a QB coach who can improve a QB. They also have a WR coach who holds them accountable. We will see this year basically if Taylor is paying off. Seems to already be working considering Huntley’s numbers have out ranked past QBs for Utah in the p12. 

          The negative was the rushing numbers dipped. 

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      Ute Fan

      I remember Moss running much better when he knew he was getting the ball. I am still concerned about that with Huntley and the option.

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      Ute Fan

      I’d realize two things:

      1- Taylor and Whitt want the QB to be a running threat. 

      2- Huntley thinks he can do it all. 

      He will always run more than he should. It’s the offense combined with his mentality. 

      Thats where Taylor needs to call 10-15 RPO a game instead of 15-25. Take those ten plays and do straight runs for Moss. 

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