Silver Linings

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      Ute Fan

      While the Moss injury isn’t a good thing, there are some real positives that come with it.

      1) His backups are going to get more reps in practice which are very much needed. DHC sat out all of last year. Brumfield is a true Sophomore who saw only a little bit of action last year. Green is a redshirt Sophomore with only slightly more game experience than Brumfield. Bernard and Wilmore are true Freshman. All of these guys will benefit from getting additional reps in practice.

      2) If it is true that this injury is minor and he will be ready for the season, then this limits his exposure to a potential season ending injury during camp. Other than maybe conditioning and position specific drills, I don’t believe for a second that Moss did anything in practice today. 

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      Ute Fan

      Or…. Moss actually just jammed a finger, the twitterverse totally overreacted, and the Kiel McDonald’s tweet is factually accurate. 


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