the national media guys hopping on the pac 12 sucks hype train with

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      Ute Fan

      these “this is the first bowl game the pac 12 has won in 368 days” tweets are weird. The last time bowl games were played, was a year ago. This is the 3rd bowl game the conference has played in 364 days. Its such an obvious “jump on the buzz topics” move and yet so many seem to….not notice?

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      Ask what might be their agenda. It’s in their interest, most of them, to sell the “PAC12 sucks” narrative. Especially bspn.

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      Ute Fan

      To be fair, the PAC hasn’t won a bowl game in 386 days and literally went 1-8 last year. The conference lost to a G5 and contributed heavily to a 9 interception game just a few days ago. 

      Yes, the conference has it’s better performers left to play. And east coast bias is a thing. But let’s not pretend that there isn’t a problem with the conference fading from relevancy. At a certain point, you need to win games when eyes are on you. 

      Part of that is on the individual PAC schools that play in these games. But ultimately, Larry has not positioned the conference to perform well. The outrageous spending on his part alone should be grounds for firing. 

      He puts himself before the success of the conference and the results show on the field. 

      And it wouldn’t hurt for U$C to win a game or two. 

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