The single greatest achievement of Ludwigs coaching career (IMO) was the 1st

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      Quarter of the sugar bowl. Let’s hope he tops that in the Rose.

      Also, Sly was a badass but we have a better LB going into this one…

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      I’ve always liked, Ludwig. Even after the destruction in the desert against UNLV in 2007. I’ll never forget the things people said about Ludwig and Coach Whit(despicable). Not even a year later, we saw things start to unfold like we’ve never seen. Call it luck or fate, it happened. 

      The only other OC I would ever say better than him in my time was the guy in 1994. Can’t remember his name, but I think he left after 94. *Edit: Rick Rasnick. He left after 94 to become the head coach of Eastern Michigan.

      2004 doesn’t count. A 2 year old could’ve been an OC for that squad.

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        Why wouldn’t 2004 count? Isn’t the design and implementation of that dominant an offense directly under the purview of the OC?

        Seems strange to disqualify someone from consideration because they did their job too well

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      If you remember, it was a quick (no-huddle) offense and they let BJ call the plays at the line of scrimmage.  I am sure much of it was scripted.  Is Rising ready to do what BJ did as a 5th-year senior?  Rising seems pretty astute, so maybe he is.

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        Yes, it was definitely “up-tempo” and prevented Alabama doing a lot of defensive personnel adjustments.   With 3 weeks to prepare, less whatever time off is given for final exams and Christmas, the Utes could do something similar this time.

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