Things we have not seen in 2022 – that I would like to see

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        1.  Kuithe running the ball.  He has proved that he is a great runner.  I suspect we are saving this for conference games.

        2. Wildcat package.  We have not done this much since 2008.  I think it is a great package because you gain a blocker.  I would like to see Jackson run it.  I have my doubts about us running this much.

        3  More blitzing.  The more we can get Bishop in there the better IMO.

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        Every season hoping Utah is holding back some sort of secret plays that IMO never seem to come out unless you pull out ten years worth in one game the Utes did against Oregon in Eugene. I guess the hand off-pitch back-huck to a covered Vele is the recent go to, over used trick play. I would not expect to see anything much different from Utah than what we are seeing now. Pass plays, Rising’s comfort zone is middle of the field Kuithe or Kincaid and Utah is going to live and die on a solid run game. Covey is a big loss. Clearly no one has stepped up to fill in at the slot receiver role. Same story with the WRs.

        I agree on Wildcat as long some wrinkles are added other than Jackson run right. You don’t see teams doing this much anymore for that reason. Defenses know it’s a high percentage run. No way KW is going to approve Jackson throwing the ball cold off the bench.

        Agree on blitzing. We’ll see more of Scalley’s dynamic defense in P12 play.

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        I feel like most of the mismatches with Kuithe and in general with passing tight end types if you exploit a DB or LB. So I don’t understand the running thing. Especially with Utahs RBs. 

        I also am not a fan of the wildcat. For the same reasons. Utah has great running backs. USE THEM! Also Rising is not like Jackson speed but you have to respect his legs.  Reminds me of an Rodgers in that regard. 

        I think with Gabe Reid coming back it is a very good sign for things like this. 

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        Utah needs to stop the Kuithe connection all the time. they did it with Covey and teams catch on. spread the ball around to the WR core, Utah has plenty of talent that goes un-used all year! same story line with the TE group and the Running backs going up the middle and not being able to get first down on four trys.  want to be a top ten team and play with the big boys? open up the offense! if i watched a game and the first play was a bomb to Ennis, i would die on the spot. Utes offense is anemic at best. 

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