Tomorrow’s injuries – plan

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    We’re still significantly beat up.  No Saosi Wilson or Bryan Thompson.  No Casey Hughes or Jaylon Johnson (obviously).  Probably no Chase Hansen…been practicing but I’m not so sure he goes tomorrow.  Pretty slim chance IMO.  

    Boobie Hobbs will be playing one corner I believe.  Fitts probably goes.  Carrington is good.  We’re going to control the line of scrimmage and go heavy with Moss.  Actually think they’re going to run wildcat with their WR as much as they’ll play the young pro style qb.  Also think we’ll see a bunch of tunnel and rocket screens.  We’re gonna be playing a lot of 1 and 50 (Oklahoma) to stop the run.

    I think we’ll be able to do almost anything we want offensively and also think we’re fortunate to be playing an average throw guy with as banged up as we are in the back half. Grier would have given us fits I think.  

    Should see some rain so kinda plays into our strengths.  Should be a good day and one to build on into the spring!  

    Go Utes!

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    Appreciate the beta as always, Onlyu!

    Merry Christmas and Go Utes!
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      Couldn’t agree more. Merry Christmas! 

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    Thanks very much. Looking forward to one last chance to watch Utah Football in 2017.

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    #110 Defense meets #32 offense. That explains everything right there. True, their offense is #16 but that’s with Grier. No Grier, top RB sitting out for NLF and their top offensive guard in the Big12 went down with an injury second to last game of the season and will not be back.


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