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      Just playing devil’s advocate here (Or maybe just being realistic)….

      I have heard repeatedly that we finally have a legitimate OC in Troy Taylor, and his  offensive numbers at Eastern Washington tend to back that argument. 
      Under Taylor EWU increased in offensive production +51 yards/game (478 yards per game to 529 or 10%) and +7.7 points per game (34.64 average to 42.36 or 22%)
      While I am excited by these numbers, it seems as though the offense was doing well prior to his arrival at 478 yards per game. 
      So forgive me if I am skeptical.
      I was excited for Dave Christensen who was the OC of a successful Missouri team with Chase Daniels.  Dennis Erickson got me excited as well with his years of experience and I am sure UNLV fans were drooling all over themselves to hire Mike Sanford after the 2004 season.  
      What makes Troy Taylor the guy?  Eastern Washington already had a solid offensive foundation: 
      Also, he’s called a collegiate offense for 1 season and it was at the FCS level.  Here’s his resume from Wikipedia: HERE
      Not a lot of FBS experience for a guy his age.  And not a lot of “P5” experience as well.  
      I want to resist BUT……
      Who am I kidding? 
      I am PSYCHed to see this offense! 
      Especially if we can progress over the course of the season and score in the red zone.
      I love riverboat Kyle and unfortunately I am over the legal limit on the Troy Taylor Kool aid.  
      If the players are excited so am I.  
      We’ll have our growing pains I am sure.
      Here’s to hoping the off season hype is well-founded!
      Either way I can’t wait for tomorrow!  Go Utes!  
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      Always good to have a good dose of skepticism. Hope for the best, but don’t be surprised by the worst.

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      Troy Taylor took a very good FCS offense and made it even better. He was offensive co-coordinator. You’re right, we all wonder the same thing and will find out in due course.

      Can he take an anemic offense and make it a lot better. I hope he can. I trust he will. And the improvement could be even bigger since the gap is likewise large.

      The proof however is in the results.

      I expect to see a taste of what the offense can do. Only a taste. Simplified to the max, spread the ball around to see who steps up. Play to win, work out kinks, hopefully with a comfort lead against a stuborn and determined competitor, one not to be overlooked.

      Expect the team to unfold more in 10 days. Then a week later, a bit more. And so on…

      In the meantime, the team figures out who wants and deserves more playing time.

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        Cal wanted to hire Troy Taylor but he was already locked up by Utah. Cal hired ended up hiring the HC from EWU.

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      I have no problem with your ideas. They are all valid. 

      BUT, we are about to play a FCS team. 

      Save your skepticism for next week. 

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      the thing I like about Troy Taylor is his simplification of the offensive scheme.  From what I understand:

      – simple formations

      – there will be no changing the play at the line of scrimmage (with defenses disquising what they do anyway, it makes sense to me that this is the right approach)

      – Utes will only have 10-15 plays that they run over and over (while that might seem boring, I’d rather Utah perfect a few plays vs. having a huge playbook that they rarely if ever use).

      – simplify the QB poisition so the player only has to read the defense and find open spost to pass to, puts more emphasis on the WR to find the open spost on the field.

      I am excited for this year.  I think Troy is onto something that other offensive minds will copy.

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      Nobody knows… yet. Time will tell.

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      Why did this double post? Stranger things have happened I’m sure.

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      If Troy can do for the program what he did at Folsom he will be great. The question has always been, “Does his process transfer to higher level programs?” It appears from the his time at Eastern Washington, although short, that he can adapt to coaching at higher levels. It wasn’t just Cal, although they were probably the strongest draw because he was an alum, but several other big schools were talking to him also. His connections to the Whittingham’s won the day. It will be very interesting to watch his development while at Utah.


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