Tyler Huntley says this years defense is way better than last years defense

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    I sure hope this is true and translates in game time. 

    To be better than last year’s defense with this many newcomers and guys that were second string last year is encouraging. I guess we did have a few that were 1’s and injured that are back too. 

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    I love how he mentions Jaylon Johnson as one our best DBs.  Very excited to see him play.

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      I heard Troy Williams interviewed on the radio yesterday and one of the questions was along the lines of….

      ‘Are there any CBs that when you see them lined up before the snap you think to yourself, I’m probably not throwing to that WR?’

      He responded by rattling off 4 names: Jaylon Johnson, Julian Blackmon, Tyrone Smith, and Casey Hughes.

      I was surprised that he could list off 4 guys like that. 

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        Puget Ute
        Ute Fan

        I love the fact that a True Freshman (Jaylon Johnson) is seen as one of the bright spots on D. Sharirieff Shah (Corners) and Morgan Scalley (Safeties) have done an excellent job with our DB corps.

        Also, I see that Josh Nurse is now listed as a DB.

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        Hopefully he’s not been throwing INTs to all those guys!!

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    With injured players coming back and increased focus on speed and athleticism the D Can certainly be better than last years.
    One area that would have to be a major improvement would be tackling. It was pourous at times last year especially by the LBs and secondary.
    I see this unit having inconsistencies early,but gaining strength as season carries on due to its overhaul in certain areas.
    It will be up to the offense to make up for pitfalls our D will encounter.

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    Milton Vanderslice
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    I really hope that the defense doesn’t feel like they are better because they are playing against our offense.

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      This is my concern as well. It’s not unusual for defenses to be ahead of offenses this early in camp… but I hope that the offense catches up soon. The last camp report I read (Monday), Whitt seemed subdued regarding the WRs and there was talk that more than a few INTs were thrown.

      I also thought that the coaches had said they wanted to name a starting QB by now. Seems concerning that they haven’t.

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        Agreed, KiYi. Troy struck me as having accuracy problems on touch passes. You can’t throw behind a receiver in this offense.

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      Excellent point!

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    Red Don
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    “The sky’s the limit with this offense.”

    I don’t remember hearing that the last five years.



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