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    I will be in LA over the 20th of September. What is the best way to get tickets to the game? Thoughts or experience with this anyone?

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    I went two years ago and there was a good crowd. I got my tickets on Ticketmaster. I have seen USC tickets on groupon when they’re not doing well and they’re just trying to sell tickets. If SC is undefeated heading into the game, you can possibly expect a crowd. If not, you might be able to score some cheap tickets close to game day.

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      There are fewer seats for football at the Coliseum than there were a few years ago. There were too many for the demand. With improvements ticket prices have gone up a lot. Given the Utes have been good, they are drawing more interest in SoCal. If the Helton lead Trojans look bad, expect demand to plummet.

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    I caution you to not get tickets through the U by where the band sits. The coliseum is huge and we sat at like the negative 40 yard line so far behind the end zone. This was about 6 years back. Take it for what it’s worth, don’t be outside the end zone lines.

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      You’d think the region’s premier football program could afford a state of the art football specific stadium, history and politics be damned.

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        All in good time. The E Coli rebuild will be amazing.

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    There’s a guy, Rick Singer, who has inside track on stuff at USC, you could call him


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