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      Ute family
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      We just moved to Southern California and want to take the family to the Utes game in the Rose bowl. Anyone know of any UCLA fan sites where they might be selling tickets? I looked on the usually ticket resellers and don’t want to pay their $30 in fees. I know I’m cheap, especially since the tickets are $7 each.


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      Central Coast Ute
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      I also live in SoCal. Two years ago I got some tickets off of Groupon. With how bad FUCLA is this year they’ll probably have tickets on Groupon again. If not, you should be able to get some tickets pretty cheap.

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      As bad as they are I bet you can get cheap ones last minute.

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      St George Ute
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      Looks like Fanxchange.com has them for as low as $14 a ticket plus a 10% service fee. That’s general admission seating. The cheapest assigned seats look to be $24 + 10% fee. Not bad really.

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      Wouldn’t hurt to call 801-581-UTIX and see if there are some in the Utah block, though those might not be very good seats, location wise.

      Craigslist in your area might have some.  No transaction fees, but more hassle and risk.

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      Ute Fan

      Youre cheap but moved to Southern California?  We are going to the game and getting the GA tickets for $10 each plus the surcharge.  So my advice is to take the deal and move on.  These are the cheapest tickets Ive seen at any Pac12 venue.


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