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      Over a year ago I started working on a re-write of the Ute Hub app to “comply” with new requirements by Apple. The app is a few years old now and in need of some modernization.  Some of the components I used previously are outdated and I could no longer use them.  After some lessons learned on that I decided that rather than relying on 3rd party components I would code them all myself. That way parts of the app wouldn’t “break” or become unsupported. Rewriting all of those things has taken months at 2-3 hours/day in my spare time, but I know for a fact that the app will be more efficient, faster and less bloated as a result. 

      There won’t be any major changes in terms of what the user sees or does.  It will look mostly the same with some minor changes here and there like easier to read text and bigger icons.

      I’m getting close to finishing this version. I’m in the red zone. Once done with that part I’ll be working on the icons and requirements for the stores.  After that I’ll deploy the app to my own iPhone 12 pro, and an android phone I bought for testing and see how it works on real-deal devices instead of my development environment.  As soon as any bugs are worked out the app will hit the app stores. 

      Hard to know the exact timeline for when the new version will drop, but it is certainly in the next few weeks!  In the mean time if you don’t have the app yet, you can find it in the two primary app stores by searching for “Ute Hub.” 

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      Thanks, Tony for everything you do!!!

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      Could you incorporate a pull down refresh in the latest topics queue? It’s a pain to flip back to the homepage and click back into the queue. 😉

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