We have played 3 horrible and one bad football team

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      It’s hard to asses our football team based of who we have played.  If you look at how these teams have perfomed the last few weeks, it’s not good.  North Dakota has been destroyed two weeks in a row and SJSU got demolished by a horrible USU team – an then there is BYU.

      What does this all mean?  It means we have played very poor teams and at times have not looked very good in these games.  We are 4-0 and thats where we want to be.  But, IMO if you look beyond the record, we have some problems and KW and staff know it.

      My thoughts on what I have seen:

      Huntley looked good, but he is gone.  Williams is experienced and that helps, but he is what he is.  We lose a lot IMO

      The offensive line has been average at best and maybe not that good.

      We don’t have any standout running back.

      We do have an amazing receiver in Carrington.  He is our biggest asset on offense.

      Our D line is very solid.  Losing Fitts is not good, but we do have some depth.

      Our linebackers are okay but don’t seem real fast.

      Our DBs are young and look good at times and bad at other times.  But, I think in time they will be very good.

      Our kicking and punting game is amazing!!!  If we can get inside the 40, we are almost assured 3 points.

      I don’t honestly think that we are a top 25 team right now.  Can we be?  Maybe if the O line and DBs develop.

      At this point, I think we may win 3-4 more games (in ugly fashion).  This is mostly because the PAC 12 South has a ton of problems right now and not because we are great.

      In the end, I knew that this would be a challenging year after losing so many players to the NFL.  Let’s make the best of it and have fun, prepare for the future, …


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      Ute Fan

      First, we have won 10, 9 and 9 games by leaning on our NFL offensive star. We need to do that more, which makes Troy’s second half more unacceptable. We don’t have a great RB, but we do have a great WR. Like Booker and Joe, he needs to be our 1st, 2nd and 3rd option on offense. 

      That is Troy’s job. If he can’t get the ball to Carrington, then find someone who can. If Carrington can average 100+ yards recieving a game, we will be in every game. 

      Our DL is solid? No. Our DL is amazing. Arizona is a top 5 rushing team. We did a solid job on them. 

      Our LB’ers are just fine. 

      Our secondary is very young and very talented. Next year they have a chance to be top 10 in the country. 

      I think this is Utah fan’s funnest thing to say: “I don’t think we are a top 25 team”

      We are. We have been the last three years. At this point, top 25 is 100% based on not losing AND reputation. We are a top 25 program nationally. We should start out ranked 8 out of 10 years. We should have started the year ranked. 

      Now, going forward, we may lose games and we may drop out, but as of right now, we are a top 25 team. If WSU, South Florida, etc are top 25, we are. 

      3-4 more wins with this schedule would be AMAZING. We have the HARDEST schedule in college football from today to the end of the season. 

      4 more wins plus a bowl win gets us back to 9 wins and most likely ranked again. Hell yeah, enjoy that. 

      And then realize we bring back our entire offense (we lose Carrington but gain Covey) and our secondary and Anae, Repp, Fotu, Penisini, etc. 

      We will compete for the PAC-12 title next year, especially if Darnold, Browning, Dawkins, Falk, and Rosen all leave for the NFL. And if Huntley puts on 20 lbs. 

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        Ute Fan

        “First, we have won 10, 9 and 9 games by leaning on our NFL offensive star. We need to do that more, which makes Troy’s second half more unacceptable.”

        I swear no matter what Troy does some of you will be on his case. His first throw was to Carrington, who made a great catch. He continued to target him, but for the most part he was double covered and when he did get a pass he dropped it.

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          Yep. That’s how I remember it.

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          It’s funny how Huntley has 70+ completion percentage, yet Troy has 50% due to “drops”. 

          I highly doubt our WR’s are trying to sabotage Troy. After seeing our WR’s catch ball after ball for Huntley, I put the drops more on Troy than our WR’s. 

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            Perhaps they’re dropped because they’re not delivered in the right place? Seems like Huntley leads his receivers very well, right in stride. 

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            Ute Fan

            The Carrington drop was a strip by the DB I thought. Again we give no credit to our opponents at times. Zona is young and should be a pain soon 

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            St George Ute
            Ute Fan

            I’ve noticed on the “drops” that when Troy throws the ball it wobbles. Even if it’s a bullet, I see a wobble in his throw, like it’s not spinning the way it should. I can’t imagine that’s an easy ball to catch, especially if it’s coming fast.

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          Ute Fan

          Actually Carrington caught two, and dropped two of Troy’s passes. One drop was on a deep ball down the sideline. It was a tough catch but probably one that you would expect a reciever like Carrington to haul in most of the time. And even though it was a better deep ball than we’ve seen thrown thus far this season, it was probably an incompletion because . . . Troy Williams. 

          Carrington actually caught the other “drop,” but he caught it with his hands, away from his body, and the defender made a great play to strip it away. But you know, that was Troy’s fault as well. 

          In all seriouseness though, I was a little nervous to see that the drops seemed to return when Troy got in the game. But I think i’ll wait to see more than two and half quarters of football before I put that blame on the QB. 


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      I disagree. Sure, our guys have made some mental errors, ok, A LOT of mental errors, but we have the most talent on this team than ever before in the program. If you’ve been paying attention to other teams and leagues you would’ve seen how some of the other teams are playing.
      The SEC looks like two teams and a bunch of scrubs.
      The ACC looks how they always look, like Chaos on wheels.
      The B1G looks deepest right now with four good teams, and maybe five.
      The BigXII looks like two teams.
      The PAC12 looks like four teams, maybe five.
      If the standard is, do we reload with 5 stars every year, then no, were not up to that.
      If the standard is relative strength, we are right there.

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        Ute Fan

        I agree here. I think are too hard on our team while overlooking other team’s failings. If USC was our team right now, we’d be talking about how bad we suck because we barely beat Cal and Texas. 

        This is college football. Most teams don’t have any NFL players. The top teams usually have 5-10. We have Carrington, Uhatafe, Lowell, Mokofisi, Fitts, Luafatasaga and Hansen. We are a top 25 team in talent. We have problems, but we are a lot better off than most teams. 

        Plus we have Whitt. 

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      Ute Fan

      After the game Friday night, I was feeling a bit down on the team like you.

      Then I watched a little football on Saturday, especially in the pac 12, and I feel better now. All the teams have deficiencies, even U$C looks beatable.
      Also disagree that Arizona is a bad team. Their QB play is poor, but beyond that they looked good.
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        Ute Fan

        They looked good against Utah, or they look good period? Arizona lost to Houston, not overly impressive when it takes two blocked field goals, a pic 6 and for other turnovers to escape with the W.

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      Ute Fan

      If only we could win 100-0 every time. Maybe some would be satisfied

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        Milton Vanderslice
        Ute Fan

        phhh, why haven’t we progressed.  We should be hitting 120 per game but Whit took control of the offense again and played it safe.  I’m sick of winning by only 100.

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          Ute Fan

          I don’t think I like the way you think on this one.

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      Just wanted to inject some facts in reference to how “terrible” UND is right now. We are down to our 5th and 6th string MLBs. We are down our top 2 corners. Our all american safety went down last game. 3 starting OL are out. Our starting TE is out. Our starting FB is out. And I’m hearing that more guys are out from the weekend and am just waiting to see the injury report. Basically, the UND team you played no longer exists. Our LBs avg 205lbs right now. Our OL goes FR FR SO JR SO instead of SR SR SO JR SR. At this point, most fans have readjusted expectations from a deep playoff run to just plain competing and finishing a game without another batch of injuries. Don’t use our game results going forward to show what we were made of in the season opener. Maybe at some point, we will get enough guys back to be a shell of the team we started as but that isn’t likely.


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