What an arm on 18 year old Lawrence.

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    If Huntley steps it up next year and we end up with a good OC to go along with our great defense things can get really exciting. 

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    I remember there was a comment on this board saying that fans that wanted freshman to play were crazy. Just goes to show that it doesn’t matter if you are a true freshman or a senior. The best player should play no matter what. There are true freshman all over the field making big plays in this game especially Lawrence and Justyn Ross who is also a true freshman. I’m not expecting Utah to go out and start recruiting five star wide receivers, but man, it sure would be nice. 

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      Don’t mention the freshman thing on here too loudly. 

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    yea, but could he beat Western Michigan?

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    What an arm? I haven’t got past the hair!
    You just know all his teammates call him Sunshine…


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