when I start to get a little nervous about UCLA …

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      all I have to do is think about that defensive performance against ASU and the nervousness immediately goes away.

      Reminder – ASU passed for 25 yards total (no receiver had more than 1 catch and ASU finished with 132 total yards.  We gave them 4 turnovers and they got 3 points.

      UCLA gave up 48 points to Oregon St the week prior to Utah allowing them 7 points

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      I’d give the UCLA offense a little bit more credit than ASU’s. UCLA’s offensive line is much better than ASU’s, and DTR is playing better football than Jayden Daniels was. I still think that we win comfortably, but I don’t expect to hold them to 3 points.

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      Washington at home had 53 yards rushing or something?  They have the most NFL ready oline in the conference and didn’t rush for anything. 

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      Stop the run, which Utah has and will continue to do. DTR can’t throw for s**t.

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