Why do our opponents all have to get beat by shi**y teams before playing us?

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      Larry B
      Ute Fan

      I expect WSU to come out fired up next week. Thanks UCLA.

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      Ute Fan

      With our current issues at defensive back, I am very worried what Leach will devise for us.  We have some huge issues and I am sure that a passing team like WSU will exploit it. Their pass defense, however is pathetic. I really don’t know what to expect next Saturday. 

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        Ute Fan

        How tall are the Wazzu receivers?   Were they 4-star and 5-star recruits?  I don’t think Utah has “issues” at DB as much as USC has all-world receivers that can catch practically anything thrown in their general direction and will win any “jump ball” situation.

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        Ute Fan

        Looks like Vegas expects a Utah win.

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      Ute Fan

      the upside is UCLA appears to have absolutely NO defense to speak of. Which means WSU can come out all ready to go pass happy but we will be punching them in the mouth in a way they did NOT feel this week.

      My concern is whether or not our O can produce enough points to keep up even tough they won’t score 63 on us…they may very well score 34 and we have to produce points on our side (which we haven’t). This is usually our issue with this air raid offense crap. We can shave the points down some but we still don’t produce enough on the other side of the ball even in the absence of strong D opposing us.

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      Ute Fan

      Utah will be a different team at home. WSU will be a different team on the road. Utah wins by a TD. O/U 80 points.

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