Why We Win Saturday…

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        Ute Fan

        I spoke with some parents of starters and I was told the team dislikes the forks the most.  Chippy, cheap, cheating SOB’s.  I hope the crowd chants “CHEATERS!!” incessantly.

        The intangables…

        1. Motivated by hate

        2. COLD!  those players don’t practice or play in cold weather but once or twice a year.

        3. Home field noise and cookin (hopefully).

        4. Underdog role.  Play loose with new confidence.  Pressure is on Jayden Daniels.  Ute D has seen his interview at the start of the season where he flat out stated his toughest game ever is at RES.  It’s on his mind.  

        5. Llyod, Ford, Tafua, Kuithe will remind them what is on the line.  They came back for this, get it done.

        6. Karma….TJ and AL looking down from above…shine on boys!

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        Some good reasoning. I’m sure ASU has their own reasons as well. Hopefully home field advantage is big. 

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        Ute Fan

        I cannot remember if it was ASU or USC, but a few years ago there was a game in SLC with some snow flurries and cold. Many fans were confident the visitors would wilt in the cold. Instead, they came out during warmups wearing just tshirts and then later beat the Utes pretty good (if I am remembering correctly). The cold can be an advantage for sure, but it really depends on how the visiting team reacts (i.e., do they embrace it or cower).

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          Ute Fan

          Agree with you. I don’t think cold will be a factor. But the crowd, that’s another matter altogether. I really, really hope it is a ruckus crowd.

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          Ute Fan

          Yeah its cold for both teams and the Utes have plenty of players from So Cal, even Polynesia.  It won’t be bitter cold (low 50s dropping to low-to-mid 40s) but I am confident the Ute fans own plenty of ski/snowboard clothing to stay warm enough for this one.  Just don’t get fooled by the sunny 60F in the afternoon.

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            Ute Fan

            There was the time rain was predicted for the Arizona game and Coach Rick ran the mid-week Wildcats practices at night with the sprinklers on and it was one of Utah’s worst defeats of the Pac12 era.

            Weather looks reasonable for this Saturday.  Little chance of rain and temps expected in the 40s 


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              Ute Fan

              There’s literally NO chance of rain and it really won’t be that cold at all for the players. Upper 40’s with hardly any wind is ideal football playing weather.

              And I don’t want any crap about this weather prediction relative to my 20% chance of rain comment for the Weber State game! 😎

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                Ute Fan

                No chance?  Sounds like something my Dad says whenever we go hunting this time year. Snow flurries and -10 it is. 

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            Ute Fan

            Where exactly is Polynesia?

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        Ute Fan

        Weather is a ZERO factor. RES needs to be crazy loud. Utah has to play a near perfect game to beat ASU. No turnovers, no big passes or runs from JD. Oline’s biggest challenge this week. Get it done Utes!

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          Ute Fan

          No offense but some are making this ASU team out to be Alabama or Georgia. They are good, maybe very good, but not great. Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. We didn’t show up for the BYU game and still had a chance to win. ASU also lost to them. ASU are not world beaters.

          That said, Utah will have to play a very good game to win…but near perfect, don’t think so.

          Go Utes!!

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            2008 National Champ
            Ute Fan

            Agreed. There is no such thing as the perfect game in football. Just handle your business and see what happens. You only need to be one point better than the opponent.

            Stop the run, keep Daniels in the pocket, don’t get beat on the back end. It’s not a secret on how to beat a mobile QB.

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            Ute Fan

            This, exactly! 

            I don’t think that Utah needs to play perfectly, by any means. That isn’t to say that ASU isn’t a good team. They aren’t terrible, they are far from a perfect team though.

            Utah can’t lay an egg and expect to win. We also shouldn’t expect Utah to be down 28-0 due to ASU just being so dominant. Also, I hope I didn’t just jinx anything.


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            Ute Fan

            ASU is a more winnable game than Utah’s next gig on the road in Corvallis. IMO.

            C’est la vie in the PAC12.

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              Ute Fan

              Until we show that we can handle a running QB, I will be skeptical.

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