Would Utah State go after our Morgan Scalley?

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    I hate to say it, but if Matt Wells is gone and possibly Morgan Scalley or Weber State coach (name?) becomes candidates?  I would hate it.  I would give up Gary Anderson, but he probably won’t ever leave.

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    It would suck, but I think Anderson and Ena/Shah could fill in nicely.  We have a solid set of coaches so I would only be worried if a bunch of guys followed Scalley out.

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    Yes they would and he would be successful. 

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    Utah State will broaden its horizons when searching for a new head coach.  They appear to have made a good choice in basketball with Craig Smith from the Summit League (when they could have gone after some local assistant instead).  I’m sure they’ll try to replicate that kind of decision to replace Matt Wells.

    Unless Gary Anderson wants to go back to Logan.  I could see that happening too.

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    Success in sports is losing the coaches you love. 

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      Ute Fan

      — Deepak Chopra 

                     — Michael Scott

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        So funny, I love that episode. Huge office fan. 

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      Especially when you’re in a lower tier conference.   


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    Yes. And Scalley would fit in perfect there. His ability to recruit JC kids and Utah kids…he’d do really well there. 

    Slide Gary to DC. You’d have an opening in the coaching ranks. 

    You’d need to find another safeties coach. 

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      I remember Scalley “shocked the world” when entering the coaching world rather than continuing his playing career. I wonder if Chase Hansen takes that road too.  Would be great to keep him around the program.

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        I could totally see that if he can’t stay healthy. 

        You heard it here first, this is going to be Covey. On the Drive, Whitt called him one of the smartest, if not the smartest player he’s ever been around. And there have been some great ones. 

        Think about this:

        He’s smart

        Has seen multiple schemes

        Worked with multiple receiver coaches

        Fits the work ethic – worked through mission legs and is a key contributor post mission

        Is undersized, fits the chip on shoulder mentality we built our program around

        Will most likely be in the a captain these next two years

        Great personality, well spoken – recruiting advantage

        BYU legacy kid turned Ute – recruiting advantage

        Local kid turned Ute – recruiting advantage

        Switched positions, but still maximizes skillets – recruiting advantage

        Can reduce mission concerns with parents and post mission comeback – recruiting advantage

        Returned kicks and punts – recruiting advantage

        Is the grandson of Stephen Covey – recruiting advantage??

        The dude embodies Utah football. If he can make captain and develop some leadership skills, he’s a shoe in. You could say all of this about Chase too. I hope the staff is grooming them now. 

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    not all bad, especially with the intent to return when Whitt takes his calves to wade in the surf of Maui full time

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      I should have made Whitts Calves my username. Next lurker up! 

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    I see Utah State going after Jay Hill before Morgan Scalley. Defensive coaches like Scalley are not sexy hires. Fans like to hire OC’s whose offenses just scored a ton of points. It’s stupid, but it’s the reality.


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