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    The problem with “this season only” is what has Texas done to be #1. They beat Alabama, which is a huge deal…but if we’re looking 2023 only then Alabama lost to Texas, beat a low end CUSA team, struggled with a low end AAC team (less impressive than Western Kentucky did against that team)

    Actually Western Kentucky (2023 only) has the same (or…[Read more]

  • Right now Sagarin has Weber St as the #100 team.

    FBS teams right near them include

    • #97: Boston College
    • #98: Liberty
    • #99: Stanford
    • #100: Weber St
    • #101: UAB
    • #102: UNLV
    • #103: Rice

    So certainly not elite company, but not Sam Houston St (#144) or Southern Utah (#177) or Utah Tech (#216)

  • This presumes our offense (with Rising) is on par with USC or Washington… Which almost certainly isn’t the case. USC is an offensive juggernaut hoping for a good enough defense. Utah is the opposite. And whatever explosiveness our offense develops is a bonus

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    I’m enjoying the PAC absolutely dominating OOC. No OOC losses for the conference yet. No losses at all, but USC or Stanford will lose when they play one another

  • I have a pretty good dataset where I track every P5 (and relevant G5) team’s success over the last decade. It’s basically scaled to represent how many games that team would win in an average season where they played 1 FCS team, 2 G5 teams, 3 low-end P5, 3 mediocre P5, and 3 good P5 teams

    The current ranking for the last decade is

    1. Oklahoma St…

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  • From Sports Illustrated, emphasis is mine

    Utah 24, Florida 11 says more about: Florida

    Utah fans, do not take this as a slight, because this win was a testament to the program’s culture. Competence is simply in the walls in Salt Lake City. There’s no other way to square the fact that this team rotated backup quarterbacks, didn’t have its best…[Read more]

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    It was a bad Baylor game for sure… but given our road struggles, the general weirdness of opening games and the invigorating nature of a new QB, they’re absolutely still a threat. Like you said, it reminds you of Utah 2021…which turned out pretty good for us.

    Here’s some cases of P5 teams losing to a FCS or G5 school in their opener over the…[Read more]

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    Neither of these takes are true. I’m sure there are a few delusional enough to think BYU can come in and win the Big 12, but there are delusional dumb fans in every fanbase. There are fans I know who think BYU will win 10 games this year (or at least they did before yesterday). But that’s the exception.

    However, it’s also not true that most…[Read more]

  • This same article says

    “For 32 years from 1982 to 2014, Lane Stadium [Virginia Tech] also had the highest elevation for a college football stadium in the U.S.”

    I’m thinking it might not be the most well-researched article out there

  • So I can’t help but feel nobody has addressed the most interesting part of this

    Said Barnes is the starter now, but Johnson has gained a lot of ground in the last few days.

    Does that mean that Johnson is still a possibility to overtake Barnes?

  • Honestly, stuff like this doesn’t take a ton of time. Less than people think it does. But it’s kind of fun

  • Just a useful tool to visualize the current state of each future Big 12’s 2024 recruiting class and compare between any two classes

    Recruiting Comparison Tool

    The only cells you need to modify (or should be able modify) are D2 and D3 which control which teams you’re comparing. Everything else should auto-update

    The chart is the most interesting…[Read more]

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    He hasn’t yet earned himself a spot on the roster. As a UDFA, he was a longshot to make the roster to begin with. He’s played very well though (not just in games, but also in practices) and has been good on special teams, which is very important for a depth LB.

    At this point, I’d argue that he’s played his way onto the bubble – which is an…[Read more]

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    There’s huge variety in ACL injuries and recoveries. Amari Rodgers tore his on March 26, 2019 while at Clemson, and was back dominating on the field in less than 6 months (167 days after his tear). He played well enough to be drafted early

    JK Dobbins tore his ACL in the 2021 preseason (August 28 2021) and then spent the next entire year+…[Read more]

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    Oh yeah. I post both here and on CougarBoard. Grew up a Utah fan, went to BYU so am interested in both.

    Wrote it up there (formatting is generally easier over there), but then thought it could be useful here so copied it over with all the html tags…most of which worked well, but a few needed to be modifed

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    Gleaned by looking at the 53 man roster projections for each team from various local writers

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    Nope, I did. Will update

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    I don’t think Huntley is really in any danger of losing the backup role. Josh Johnson is clearly not the answer. I’d chalk it up to coachspeak and not wanting to tell Johnson and 2nd year player Anthony Brown that they’re not getting consideration for either of the top 2 spots.

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    <p><span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>Utah</span></p>
    <p>Clear Starters (7):</p>

      <li style=”font-weight: bold;”>Marcus Williams (FS, Baltimore)
      <li style=”font-weight: bold;”>Jaylon Johnson (CB, Chicago)
      <li style=”font-weight: bold;”>Garrett Bolles (OT, Denver)
      <li style=”font-weight: bold;”>Julian Blackmon (S, Indianapolis)

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  • ESPN Top 100 CFB

    Relevant portions below

    23. Cameron Rising
    QB, Utah, senior
    Notable 2022 stats: 83.1 QBR, 3,034 yards, 26 TDs
    2022 ranking: 53

    Rising’s résumé is not as stellar from a statistical standpoint as that of some of his Pac-12 peers, but his achievements rule them all. After leading the Utes to a Pac-12 title in 2021, he made a…

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