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    Collette to Utah?

  • Tony

    I just logged in to post the same thing.

  • FormerUteSax

    Welcome to the Running Utes!?!

  • NSLUte

    Good pickup, I think he will fit in nicely.

  • Puget Ute

    Next year we will have an amazing frontcourt with Kyle Kuzma, Jayce Johnson, and David Collette. And our two newcomers get to battle with Poeltl in practice this year. This is wonderful news, and Collette will be a solid contributor.

  • RedLine

    Kalani Sitake

    Do you think the hire will change the rivalry at all? I’ve always liked Sitake but he’s coaching to beat us now and is full zoob at this point.

  • Tony

    He seems to be the least dysfunctional zoob coach since Edwards. I’ll miss the dysfunction. He has no head coaching experience that I’m aware of. It will be interesting to see what he does. All due respect, I hope he fails miserably.

    • RedLine

      I’m not sold on the hire as a knockout either. He’s running a KW defense, has never head coached before, and is dealing with a Duke/ND/Texas/Auburn type entitled fanbase. Also, he’s walking into a scheduling nightmare for a first year coach. Yeah, he’s a great recruiter but the Zoob independence curse he’s going to have to recruit against.

      • RedLine

        Not to say anything disparaging about a KW defense but pointing to his defense success at Utah being very much under the tutelage of Whitt and his experience on his own with the Beavs being statistically terrible even though progressed by the end of the season. Successful head coaches need knowhow both sides of the ball. His experience on defense on his own (although limited) wasn’t a homerun, and his offensive abilities, well I guess time will tell.

  • Let’s face it, BYU’s last area of recruiting strength was the LDS kids. That’s why it was a requirement for the HC to be active LDS. Sitake will do a good job recruiting Polys. He’ll need a strong OC. They still face the issue of convincing recruits that playing an independent exhibition schedule is the way to go.

    Jury is out on this hire. Hoping he raids Rodrick, so Whitt can go hire a real QB coach with prior QB playing experience.

  • MBAute89

    My assessment of Sitake: great recruiter, great “player’s coach”, but honestly, the jury’s still out on his coaching ability. We will find out soon enough if he can stand on his own or if his defensive success was merely a product of KW. Here’s hoping to a steep learning curve for Sitake!

  • 89ute

    New boss same as the old boss. He’s going to struggle like any first time coach with first time coordinators. He will be outcoached by every P5 team next year and the year after. The Sitake hire just kicks the can a little further down the road in terms of BYU hitting rock bottom. If Sitake is successful, meaning 8-10 wins (well after his first two years of course) he’s going to jump at the first P5 HC offer or good G5 gig. That puts BYU where they are now if Sitake had turned down the offer, in other works, f**ked.

    • RedLine

      If he were to win 8-10 in his first season, which he won’t, the expectations would never go down for him. (Kiffin 101 – coaching an entitled fan base.)

  • rbmw263

    The last 3 away games i've attended

    A win @ the Rose Bowl over a top 10 team, a 42 point win in Autzen stadium, and a win over number 7 Duke in their second home stadium. I really need to check with the AD about becoming a Football/Basketball team travel partner.

    On a more serious note, we might not have had the big time breakout year like we had in 04 and 08 since joining the Pac 12. But man, we have had some GREAT wins. And that is trending up as well.

  • Tony

    Ah we should have met up at the Garden. How about that atmosphere?

  • rbmw263

    Awesome atmosphere. Really impressed by the Utah showing. Especially considering we had our bowl game that day. Enough fans there to have a back and forth with Duke fans (even if there were a decent amount more of them)

  • cjd1

    Running Utes AP #24


  • Tony

    That’s cool. I’ll take top 25 with this squad any day.

  • Tony

    New Poll – Grade the 2015 Utah Football Season

    Grade the 2015 Utah Football Season

    • B (71%, 120 Votes)
    • A (23%, 38 Votes)
    • C (6%, 10 Votes)
    • D (0%, 0 Votes)
    • F (0%, 0 Votes)

    Total Voters: 168

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  • Wilson's Mustache

    Depends on whether you are grading the season overall or just how the Utes performed compared to pre-season expectations.

    My preseason expectations were an 8-9 win season. Obviously the Utes exceeded this so I would have to give them an A.

    However, if you just grade the season overall and how they did in the Pac-12 I’d say a B or B-. While 10 win season is awesome, it is hard for me not to think what could have been. Utah stumbled down the stretch and blew their chance to play for the PAC-12 Championship.

    Still was a great season though. Can’t wait until next season. Spring football cannot get here soon enough

  • Tony

    I gave ’em a B. With an offense, it would have been an A.

  • Tony

    Vegas Bowl Poll Closed – The Pundits Have Spoken

    Las Vegas Bowl Poll – Multiple Choice!

    This bowl is an insult to the Utes fine season (48%, 84 Votes)
    Send Bronco out with a humiliating loss (44%, 76 Votes)
    Disappointed (42%, 73 Votes)
    Don’t want to play BYU (34%, 60 Votes)
    Utes win big (30%, 52 Votes)
    Hope the team buys new athletic cups (27%, 47 Votes)
    Thank God they sell beer there (16%, 27 Votes)
    How close is the Bunny Ranch to Sam Boyd Stadium? (15%, 26 Votes)
    Worried about losing to byu (11%, 20 Votes)
    Apathetic (11%, 20 Votes)
    Excited (10%, 17 Votes)
    Game will be close (9%, 15 Votes)
    Byu wins (5%, 8 Votes)
    Total Voters: 174


    Utes vs Duke Photo Gallery

    I posted a blog with a bunch of photo highlights from the fantastic Utes vs Duke game at Madison Square Garden here: https://www.utehub.com/photos-utes-vs-duke-at-madison-square-garden/

    Yes my seats were awesome.

    Utah utes duke


    If ARod is still OC by Spring Ball…

    I’m not investing any of my time into Ute football next season. That was pathetic. Travis Wilson was 9-16 with 71 yards passing?! Good thing for the defense is all I have to say about that game. For Whittingham to say, “It’s ‘ridiculous’ that we went 35-0 and then ended it so close” is ridiculous in on to itself. It’s on you and your inability to hire an OC that has any scheme that isn’t 20+ years old Coach! Now some of you may want to say, “well Travis isn’t that good to begin with”, the kid has shown signs of ‘greatness’ but since Oregon, he has nothing to work with. S**tty predictable offensive scheme, no receivers, and his complete digression of skill set is solely on the coaching staff.

    Don’t get your hopes up with this new JUCO kid coming in next season, with ARod calling the plays, it’s going to be a long season. In fact, don’t even get your hopes up for any possible Ute QB next season. He’d make Peyton, Brady or Joe ‘frikkin’ Montana a joke of a QB. Kalani, please ‘steal’ ARod away! Hell, I might even be willing to pay you.

    Great day overall for Ute athletics but could you imagine if Utah had even an average offense? We’re talking some amazing possibilities. We’re talking something better than the Las Vegas Bowl.

    And for you zoobs who think that somehow it was a draw or even that “the better team lost” I have news for you… they play four quarters you jackasses! It took all but ten minutes for Utah to make it five-in-a-row. But hey, you won the total yards stat so good for you. I’m sure there’s a shirt being made somewhere in Utah County to glorify this. lol

    Congrats to Williams, Paul and especially Tevin Carter. You guys were clutch. Congrats to the Seniors, you went out in style.

    10-3, GO UTES!

  • It is coaching I just can’t blame the players too much for all of it. Yes Booker is out, Covey and Scott were limited right up to game day. I just don’t like the scheme or plan at all. That cluster formation or whatever the hell it was with Thompson? What the hell was that????

  • Wilson is gone. Yes he was a warrior, but that is a euphemism to describe someone with minimal talent. Poor kid was just not a PAC 12 level talent and no coaching could ever develop him into one.

    Time to move on. Hopefully Troy Williams is the real deal. Would like to see Arod go to BYU and Stubblefield gone. Hire the Cramsey guy at Montana St as OC/QB coach and turn the offense over to him.

  • Tony

    Comments on the Las Vegas Bowl

    My disdain for byu is well documented. If an alien ship came down and scooped all of Utah County off the face of the planet I’d be good with that.

    As miserable as I felt for the last 3 quarters in the Vegas Bowl about our complete ineptness on offense, I think it was a fantastic way to humiliate byu and their fans. The game was pretty much won at 35-0. But since the Ute offense is/was so bad, it gave the zoobs 3 quarters of “hope” for their miracle comeback. In the end, they couldn’t do it. They thought they could but got beaten a 2nd time in the game, in a different way.

    How bad must it have felt for them to actually believe they could win, then have those hopes crushed? So the zoobies were crushed twice… once in the first quarter at 35-0 and once again when they couldn’t pull off the comeback.

    If byu couldn’t beat the Utes this time, when could they? This was their chance. Many of Utah’s “best” players were injured. The offense can’t move. Can’t score, and is as predictable as the sun rising in the east.

    I was not impressed with Tanner Mangum (that is his name right?). He threw a few good balls. He stood in the pocket fairly well (much better than Wilson ever has). But a LOT of his throws were heaves of desperation. Some were so far off that our DB’s couldn’t adjust. Maybe that’s their strategy.

    Oh, and byu had no running game… at all. Not a threat there.

    After the game was over I was quite disappointed because of the offense. Somehow though we made it to 10-3 in the Pac-12, which is fantastic. Smoke and mirrors perhaps, but it sure as hell isn’t luck. Add to that a bowl win over hopefully our soon to be former rival.

  • THEeyepatch

    “But a LOT of his throws were heaves of desperation. Some were so far off that our DB’s couldn’t adjust. Maybe that’s their strategy.”

    I got that out of watching him too and remember, they won two games from him heaving the ball up. They have slow receivers but they’re big and tall so it looks like it IS their strategy?!

    On a side note, looks like the TDS will win the SL media and perhaps nationally with their announcement of Kalani Sitake as their new HC. Nobody will be talking — at least in Utah — about the Utes going 10-3 and beating the Big XII wannabes. It’s going to be all about the TDS almost coming back, future Heisman “winner” Tatum Mango and Sitake all week there in Utah and probably till next fall? We’ll see?

    5 IN A ROW!


    Possible Top-20 ranking… it’s good to be a Ute fan.

    GO UTES!

  • Tony

    Fine. Let them have their fantasy world. I don’t listen anyway.

  • EUte

    We’ve always heard about what a big, heated rivalry Utah-USU was back in the day. I guess that changed simply as a result of the longstanding disparity between the two teams and I would expect the same thing to happen with the zoobs. Of course, these days there is a local media whose primary goal is to prop up this so-called rivalry and create semblance of parity between the two programs.

  • Tanner Mango will never amount to much as a QB. QBs who can throw receivers open are much in demand; QBs who specialize in throwing Hail Mary jump balls are not.