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    Loving the site so far. It gets better and better each hour.

    A suggestion I just came across: Is there an option to open all external links in a new window/browser? I hate being in a thread, click a link, and boom, it takes me there in the current thread. When that happens, I have to click the back button and hope that I’m back where I was in the thread. Instead, if it opens in a new window, I just close that window when I’m done and my place in the forum is still where I was when I was reading before. hope this makes sense.

    I seriously feel like a spoiled prick offering suggestions like this. Definitely 1st world problems. πŸ™‚

  • Tony

    What you are asking for is target=”_blank” in html. Might be able to do that.

  • oc_ute

    I listen to sports radio all day (LA). cowherd (FOX)predicted Utes win 10.

    Amazing what relocating to the west coast does. He was a ute basher and total sec homer.

    also, mason and ireland (espn LA) are saying utah is good and has a great chance to beat sc and ucla this year. they’re already calling for sark’s head today. too funny

  • JDub1942

    Those are some good LA area radio options. I dont mind the petros and money show either, even though petros was really annoying when he was a sideline announcer.

    • Barn

      Petros and Money is my favorite radio show of all time!

  • Damage U

    I suspect the Michigan game was the first time Cowherd had ever stepped foot in the state of Utah let alone RES. His eyes seemed wide open with the RES atmosphere and really surprised how good it was.
    I like Petros and Money I usually turn to them when Bill and OC go off on a soccer tangent or anything none Utes.

    Does anyone else have any other PAC12 oriented shows they listen to? Living in Boise I get tired of listing to Boise’s big match up against the dreaded Bengals of Idaho State or the MWC bottom feeders.

  • Here’s the Arbitron ratings for Sports Talk Radio in LA and SF:

    This list includes the top 10 radio stations in Los Angeles and San Francisco, based on Arbitron P12+ Cume Estimate.

    KNBR-AM – 680 KNBR – 918,800 – San Francisco, CA
    KSPN-AM – KSPNLA 710 – 776,900 – Los Angeles, CA
    KLAC-AM – AM 570 Radio – 626,000 – Los Angeles, CA
    KLAA-AM – AM 830 – 294,900 – Los Angeles, CA
    KWKW-AM – ESPN Deportes LA – 273,800 – Los Angeles, CA
    KGMZ-AM – 95.7 The Game – 171,900 – San Francisco, CA
    KTRB-AM – ESPN Deportes 860 – 25,400 – San Francisco, CA
    KRAK-AM – CBS Sports Radio 910 – 13,500 – Los Angeles, CA
    KVEN-AM – SportsRadio 1450 – 7,100 – Los Angeles, CA
    KAVL-AM – Fox Sports 610 – 4,100 – Los Angeles, CA

    I’m in the OC and I listen to 570 (Petros & Money) and 710 (white guy and the laughing bro?) on the way home. There’s 980 The Beast when I’m bored of those two. I will have to check out 830, 910 and 610, was not aware these existed. As far as personalities, Petros knows his stuff on football. Mason & Ireland are pretty good, but slanted towards Laker talk as they’re the flaghip station. Laughing Bro and the White Guy on 710 take some getting used to. Best 980 has gravelly voiced Jeanie Zelasco in the AM and she’s like listening to fingers on a chalk board. I often listen to Bill & OC via internet using iPhone on the commute home.

    I really, really hate the continuous drumb beat of non-original headline controversy stories like Deflategate.

    • oc_ute

      i can’t stand max… marcellus if funny though. i only used to listen to espn until cowherd bailed. i now listen to dan patrick and cowherd til noon on 570 then switch to espn. i’ll have to give petros and money a chance. never listened to them before.

      • Marcellus Wiley is the laughing bro guy. He’s a tough listen in large doses.

      • Barn

        Petros and Money is the best show on radio!

  • JDub1942

    I havent been listening to much lately as my car radio is broken (the actual radio, not the sound system). But even when I do I have a short commute (impossible in Orange County I know) so I dont listen more than 30 minutes a day. The only radio show I cant stand is that guy in the afternoon on the Angels station, dude is annoying as hell even though Im partial to the Angels.

    Its surprising at how little college football they actually talk about though, back in Utah it seems like NCAA football is talked about on the radio A LOT more.

  • THEeyepatch

    Yeah, he’s really flipped his opinion on Utah. When Utah was @ Michigan last year, Cowherd tweeted something along the lines of, “Michigan currently losing to the 13th best team in the Pac-12.”

    I wouldn’t even know what time he comes on or bother to find out.

    • oc_ute

      totally remember that but the guy is very entertaining regardless. i’ve been an avid listener for years. another quote “bama is gonna boat race utah” then on monday after “bama just didn’t want to be there”.

      he really is entertaining. i can look past his personal opinions. there’s a reason he’s the #1 dude in sports radio today

      • Damage U

        Cowherd is good until he starts waxing poetically then I start rolling my eyes.

  • bearded UTAH man

    If anyone likes listening to podcasts, check out the “podcast of champions” (@pac12podcast on twitter). They just started the show up this season, they do a great job of breaking down the entire PAC 12 week to week (2 to 3 podcasts per week). Their preseason coverage was really good as well. The two guys that do the show run the scout.com sites for UCLA and USC, they have a lot of podcasting experience and they’re able to get some good guests on as well.

    sorry if this was already brought up in another thread, this is my first post and first thread that I looked through on this site.

    GO UTES!!

    • THEeyepatch

      “The two guys that do the show run the scout.com sites for UCLA and USC, they have a lot of podcasting experience and they’re able to get some good guests on as well.”

      Yeah and they kinda linger on everything USC/UCLA. I’ve been listening to them for a couple of months now and they do a good job but they don’t exactly have any competition.

      • bearded UTAH man

        no doubt they’re a bit biased, but it’s nice to have a CFB podcast that focuses solely on the PAC 12. I’ve listened to Solid Verbal for a few years and they are pretty entertaining, but never much talk about the Utes

    • Damage U

      I listened to their preseason podcast of the Utes. It was pretty good, haven’t had a chance to listen to any others. If I’m going to a USC/UCLA “site” I don’t mind the homerism. Although I say that and I’m reminded of Greg Wrubell.

      • TorontoUte

        Greg Wrubell is essentially a paid propagandist

  • execUTEioner

    Daily Fantasy Sports (Draftkings, Fanduel, etc)

    Does anyone else play daily fantasy? I know everyone has been barraged with the commercials. I like fantasy football and sports betting, and this is a really fun format. I did a free entry last week and won $150. (came in 129th out of 383k, thank you Carlos Hyde!). Depending on how the game shakes out tonight I could win $9 on my $3 game and $20 on my $20 game.

    If anyone wants to add me as a friend on draftkings my username is natas_drol.

    I like draftkings UI and mobile app better than FanDuel but I will probably try FD next week. If anyone is interested in signing up for Draftkings and getting a free entry and a deposit bonus you can use my referral link:


    Full disclosure: I will get a bonus free entry for everyone that signs up through the link.

    You can also get the same offer with any of the thousands of promo codes out there. Just google draftkings promo code and go to draftkings.com.

    I think my strategy going into next week will to draft a high powered qb/receiver/rb combo like brady/gronk/lewis or roethlisberger/brown/williams and then try to fill in the rest with undervalued guys or up and comers. Steelers get Leveon Bell back next week, so he is sure to take some carries from Williams. They play a tough defense on the road (Rams) but the Roethlisberger->Antonio Brown combo is consistently very good. Pats playing the jags at home should generate a lot of offense.

    As far a value players, Danny Woodhead has been solid for me the last couple of weeks and was a good value, he’s a big part of San Diego’s offense, especially while getting Melvin Gordon acclimated to the NFL. Stevie Johnson as well. I’m looking at the Browns-Raiders matchup. Travis Benjamin won’t likely repeat his performance but may be developing into a favorite target of JFFs. Derek Carr is a bit of a gunslinger and Cooper and Crabtree may do well. Allen Robinson blew up this week, if Jags get behind early to the pats, then Bortles may have to start slinging it a lot and Robinson will be the beneficiary.

    Tight ends are a crap shoot. It’s a very inconsistent position except for Gronk who is uncoverable. Graham has been very quiet in Seattle and looks way over valued. Kelce was shut down by Denver. Witten has been pretty solid. Ladarius Green in SD is looking like he may be a good value if he continues to improve while Gates is out. Richard Rodgers had a great game last night, can he repeat against KC? A. Rodgers may keep targeting him since he adds another receiving option with Jordy Nelson’s absence and Randall Cobb’s injury.

    Running backs can be tough because so many teams do RB by committee nowdays. DeMarco Murray looks like a victim of Chip Kelly’s hubris. LeVeon bell is back but Williams played very well in his absence will they split carries? Carlos Hyde was amazing week 1 and dropped off a cliff week 2, now he is questionable going into week 3. Will Giovani Bernard continue to get the lion’s share of the Bengal’s carries after Hill’s fumblitis?

    Hopefully I am not the only one who has been obsessed with the weekly fantasy games. I’ll be posting my week 3 lineup(s) when I have them set. If anyone has any good tips or players to look out for please post here.

  • execUTEioner

    Here’s my line-up so far for the DK 7M millionaire maker:

    This depends heavily on Pats having a huge day at home against the Jags as they are expected to do. Allen Robinson because he’s been undervalued and I think Bortles will need to start slinging the ball when they get behind. Larry Fitzgerald still has a lot of gas in the tank and with a healthy Palmer at home he should do well. Danny Woodhead has been a good value through two weeks and the Titans DST should have a good day against the slumping Colts at home. I really wanted the Jets or Seahawks but I couldn’t afford them. Hyde should be good to go against AZ. He’s the main guy in SF with Bush ingured and Kaepernick needs help from the running game. I thought I may be in to heavy on pats players and considered getting another RB other than lewis but he has been undervalued the first two weeks.

    • execUTEioner

      I swapped out Allen Robinson for Michael Crabtree and that freed up enough salary to trade the titans defense for the seahawks. Robinson doesn’t have much of a track record to think the can be consistent. Seahawks defense should dominate Jimmy Clawson and the Bears.

  • Utahute72

    I was curious if anyone was playing these (or if they would admit it if they did). With all the advertisement my BS warnings were on overtime, but nice to hear you are having some success.

    • execUTEioner

      They are just a form of legal gambling. DK and FD are both making a killing exploiting a loophole in the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006. They are also dropping a ton of money to acquire new customers and are probably burning cash in order to do so, hence the constant barrage of ads and sponsorships when watching any football event. In week 1 I did a free entry into a $3 game and a $20 entry in the big featured game. Won $155 (plus my entry fee) total. Last week I did the same two games plus a $3 game that was only the Sunday and Monday night games and won $19 (plus my entry fee). I’m definitely hooked, but I like FF and sports betting. I don’t expect to win millions but I’ve won enough to make it fun and interesting.

      It appears congress will be looking into the rise of DFS so who knows if it will last. http://www.atlredline.com/congress-now-investigating-legality-of-daily-fantasy-sp-1730791624. It would be pretty crazy if they killed DK and FD, both have recently been valued at over 1 Billion dollars each.

  • Wilson's Mustache

    I’ve been really tempted to try out FanDuel or DraftKings, but haven’t pulled the trigger. Its good to know someone that has had success.

    My fantasy football league with friends didn’t pan out so I’m looking for something to do fantasy football-wise this season.

    Might try DraftKings.

    • execUTEioner

      They both have slightly different rules. The scoring is mostly the same. Both have 1QB 2RB 2WR, Defense/Special Teams and 1 TE, FD has a kicker slot while DK has a flex (RB/TE/WR) slot. Yahoo has a copy cat daily fantasy sports too, I’m going to try it this week, the salary cap is much lower it seems (compared to player salaries) so you really have to find value players. The DK mobile app is better than FD in my opinion but I like the FD web app better than DK. I mostly use it from mobile so that’s why I went with DK.

  • Hockeybeard

    It appears congress will be looking into the rise of DFS so who knows if it will last. http://www.atlredline.com/congress-now-investigating-legality-of-daily-fantasy-sp-1730791624. It would be pretty crazy if they killed DK and FD, both have recently been valued at over 1 Billion dollars each.

    It will be interesting to see what Congress does here. Despite the risk of starting a thread on Gaming Law and the ills of gambling in general, I can’t help but think Utah could really benefit from taking some of this money and putting it toward something worthwhile (*cough*education*cough*).

  • execUTEioner

    DraftKings or FanDuel could cost NCAA athletes a year of eligibility

    Kind of a no-brainer here. As DFS gets more and more popular it will get more scrutiny. It will be interesting to see if it stays legal.

  • execUTEioner

    Big scandal in the DFS world. A DraftKings employee with access to inside info won 350k on FanDuel. He claims that he created his lineup before he had the ownership % information, but many aren’t buying it. DraftKings and FanDuel employees are prohibited from playing on their own company sites but not other sites. This is going to get more interesting. I am guessing that DFS days as a legal diversion are numbered.


  • quagmire

    As much as I dislike the tds, the game next year worries me

    without the services of booker and TW. Add to that mangum having a whole season under his belt.

  • UGLI baby

    cool story bro

  • Crimson Clover

    I agree. Add to that we lose all 3 starting linebackers (if I’m not mistaken) as well as Tevin Carter.

    It could be a very close game.

  • Saguaro Ute

    There is a lot football to be played between now and then and a lot of recruiting that is going to take place. Besides, it’s in Sack Lake City and we are in their heads. We own Bronco and with the MUSS and NEZ yelling them down I think we will be fine. I think the “Chase Hansen” “Joe Williams” show will be pretty good and we won’t be sad about the results that it brings. It can always be a close game but it can turn ugly for them in a hurry too. I’m a glass is half full kind of a guy so I will hope for another 54-10.

  • Mano

    I have plenty to worry about from the upcoming conference schedule this year, playing some indy p5 wannabe next year is not even on my radar.

  • UtahMan12

    We have been better for years now, nothing will change suddenly. We have had so much success over tds in the past decade I can’t think otherwise until proven wrong. We have simply developed a better team that is proven. We have nothing to be concerned about. I suspect there won’t be a lot of talk about tds come end of season.

  • Heike

    No need to worry about tds-p until next year, and then it will be more about avoiding injuries from playing those nut-punching, ankle-rolling, helmet-targeting, “on-the-edge”-playing douchewagons.

  • I don’t get this post. Utah plays Oregon on the road….Vernon Adams is being benched. You are worrying about an irrelevant game? Utah is playing for the PAC12 Championship for hells sake.

    No offense to you personally but realign your priorities. That Utah Football facebook group had a post about Utah’s rankings. Yet the first comment I see is about how they are glad TDS lost. With 100 something likes….lets move on from TDS. Until they have a conference to hold them accountable I want nothing to do with them.
    Utah is playing the NIKE WHORE THIS WEEKEND! That is beyond amazing. I am more worried Hansen isn’t getting enough reps for Conference play next year because Utah needs to play well in the conference or end up like Colorado eventually.

    • EUte

      Everything I’ve seen tells me Adams will be starting on Saturday. Helfrich had even said he’d be available this past week against GSU if needed.

    • UtahMan12

      red star beehiveute

    • Crimson Clover

      This is one reason I liked the categories on uf.n. You can uncheck the category if discussing the zoo isn’t your cup of tea.

      Personally, I don’t mind this discussion. I followed the zoo’s game against UCLA for two reasons: 1) we play UCLA this year, and 2) I wanted the zoo to lose as I’m sick of their hype. UCLA is highly ranked and they nearly knocked them off at the Rose Bowl.

      For those that think TDS will be a cake walk next year (I’m not implying you personally think that), I hope you’re right. But looking ahead the game makes me a little nervous.

      And yes, before anyone feels the need to remind me, I know we play Oregon this week. I’m a fan, all my attention doesn’t need to be focused on Oregon this week. I enjoy this sort of post because it adds to the variety of topics.

      Go Utes! Beat the Ducks!

      • quagmire

        Thank you Clover, I couldn’t have said it any better myself. I’m sure you can walk and chew gum at the same time too!

        • Not trying to insult you I just don’t get looking ahead to worry about something like that. I worry about who will be the next President or ISIS. BYU is the last thing to worry me.

  • MundeeL

    Mangum has looked good, but remember they are two fluke away from being 0-3. If that were the case nobody here would be worried about them, and BYU fans would already be calling for Hoge or Detmer to be starting.

    • Hockeybeard

      I don’t usually like playing the “What if” game, but this is one of those “what if”s that should be noted.

      BYU has had significant issues that have been overshadowed by exciting last-second finishes. How many yards are they giving up on the ground? How is their run game? Of course, this will all go away as they hit the creampuffs of their schedule and the fans will be back to talking about how great they are, but it doesn’t change the fact that BYU is feeling the hurt of their last few recruiting classes.

  • THEeyepatch

    Really? Seriously? You’re gonna “worry” about a game that’s played next season? Maybe you should just focus on this season? A lot of football to be played and I’m sure the zoobs will be talking all off-season about how Tatum Mango will tear apart the Utes. You know like Jake Heaps, Nelson Riley, and Taysom Hill did… oh, wait!

  • UGLI baby

    I’m guessing Quagmire is a coug fan and some of y’all took the bait.

  • quagmire

    wow tough crowd…i thought these boards are for sharing thoughts about utah football in general, not just about the next opponent. that’s for the players to worry about. but here’s to hoping that most of you are right and we’ll be head and shoulders above the zoobs, even with breaking in a new qb and rb.

    damn i wish i didn’t have to miss the game for a wedding on saturday. i’m envious of all of you who can watch it.

    • Hockeybeard

      I see what you mean, but at the same time I think there is a BYU section for this reason. A lot of Ute fans are sensitive to anything BYU and feel we shouldn’t even mention them, as that increases their power and influence to global levels.

  • NorthEZUte

    Not worried about TDS. Both teams lose guys but we are much deeper at key positions. They’ve played us tough at RES the last few games but I think we’ll be just fine.

  • Another idea- create a sticky of all the best opponent message boards.

    They used to do this years ago at Utefans but stopped. I’m always interested in visiting opponents messages boards the week of the game and would be good to invite them to post over here as well.

  • Homer Crimson


  • Brettski

    Great idea!

  • 3UteDad

    Take a look at this:

    Teams Forum Links

    I’m not sure how updated all the links are. They still show the old PAC10 logo, but links for Utah and Colorado are included when you click the logo.

    Also not sure how you would get new sites added to their existing lists.

  • 3UteDad

    This might be another useful site and looks like it might be more up to date but lists fewer message boards per team:

    College Football Forum

  • Can you add quick links in the forum drop down?

    Say put a link for each main forum so we can get directly to the football forum, basketball forum quickly etc? Love the new site!

  • Tony

    Check it out.

    • DropOutUte

      Awesome! Thanks. Appreciate the responsiveness. I never posted much on Utefans. I think this place will be a great fresh start to actually have real discussion about Utah sports.

  • Tony

    There’s a lot to do, but the site is off to a great start.

  • Each Ute Hub member has a custom URL!

    Your profile here at Ute Hub has its own URL. For example:


    Here’s mine:


    Private messages, friendships, and other items can be accessed there.

    First day of Ute Hub\'s existence blew me away

    I turned on registration this morning and then headed out to play golf. After that I went to a party at my dad’s house. 12 hours after I returned to my computer. The forum exploded with over 250 posts/replies! I was almost overwhelmed by them all, and have gone through and tried to respond to each one as I thought was necessary.

    The user base started at 1 (me) and is now at over 165.

    The site didn’t crash all day. (baby steps)

    The best part? The commentary has been so positive and complimentary about having a new place and new format.

    What an opening day. Thanks to all and spread the word. I’ll work hard to make the workings of the site the best they can be and hope your great participation and posts help it grow to something special.

  • UteStuckInSeattle

    Thanks for getting this site set up so quickly!

    I think that this place can be great if we make it somewhere that will evolve with what Ute fans want in a place to chat about their Utes!

    Great work so far!

  • Tony

    Many thanks. There are critics already but that’s fine. I’m very happy with the response so far.

  • UteStuckInSeattle

    There will always be critics. Just keep a finger on the pulse of your REAL members and they’ll keep coming back to make this place GREAT!

  • When I hit reply on a boardmembers post it refreshes to the top of the thread. On my phone at least.

  • Badbadute

    I have seen this happen 4 or 5 times on facebook in the last year alone.
    Especially in Sports related groups, A group will splinter and people will act like kids choosing a parent in divorce, they will gnash teeth and proclaim one superior and one a piece of trash when in the end both sides generally want what is best for them.

    Time will tell what happens here.
    if the site stays the way it is with an ever expanding improved format, An active admin base and overall positive membership it will continue to grow and eventually take over the reigns as the place to be.

    Utefans.net has been for a while a page of clique’s that have and will run people off.
    I have been there to damn long and know enough people to ” get run off’ But i stopped posting as much as I once did because I was turned off by the Mob mentality.

    I think posters have called more Ute fans zoobs than BYU fans in the last few years.

    Who knows if this place will really become the new home for Utah fans or just another niche page for the people that burn out at UFN.

    All I know is that it is nice to have feedback from a site owner/admin and people that genuinely seem to care about the online experience.

    So great job on getting the place set up Tony, I have appreciated what i have seen so far and look forward to much growth and success.


    • Tony

      Beehive, the reply field is at the bottom which is sort of a pain. I’ll look on my phone. It’s positioning in the reply field in my browser though.

      • I have a droid it keeps dragging it to the top when my keyboard pops up.

  • Tony

    Thanks Bob.

    I don’t intend to be half-assed about this site.

    • oc_ute

      i think you might have a bug on the time posts are made or maybe it’s picking up the time zone of the poster??

    • Milton Vanderslice

      without any like features, I’ll just drop a +1 right here.

  • 230+ New Members On Day ONE

    Wow this is really amazing. After opening the site up to registration on its first day, over 150 have already signed up in only about 12 hours.

    Keep spreading the word. Let’s make this into something special.

  • It’s looking good so far. What’s really going to make this board explode is a PAC 12 championship and I think this year is as good of an opportunity as we’re going to see in a long time. Hopefully we take advantage.

  • Tony

    Sounds like many users are having problems with their activation emails not arriving. Probably ending up in their junk folder.

    • Tacoma Ute

      Mine didn’t end up in my junk box. It did take a half hour or so to arrive.

  • GadValleyUte

    Mine ended up in spam filter

  • 3UteDad

    mine came in immediately to my inbox on yahoomail.

  • Utesbyfive

    And one of them is Moose. One of the worst internet trolls I’ve ever had the displeasure to run across.

  • Epibass

    Long time lurker on UFN. For some reason I never felt compelled to participate much in the conversation there. Looking forward to this new site. The format is much more user friendly. Good work and go Utes!

  • Tony

    If I could, I’d thumbs up that last post!

  • Genesis

    I think we may be witnessing the start of something special here. I think this site is already more active than utahbyfive.

  • Tony

    I hope you are right, and hope it isn’t special ed. Really though I appreciate it.

    Spread the word.

  • The thing about utahby5.com is that it is an offshoot of a board that was named cougarutefan.com. It was a board specifically targeting LDS fans of both schools. Of course the cougs on the board changed the name of the board to cougarstadium.com without even a warning to the ute fans who frequented the board and invested quite a lot in it. So the ute fans of that cesspool cougaruteforum.com got together and formed utahby5.com.

    • UteStuckInSeattle

      Great, so now we already have TWO MORE things going for this site.

  • 3UteDad

    It’s encouraging that so many familiar names have already registered. The same thing happened with Utahby5, but I think the fact that you don’t have a core group here with already established relationships will be helpful in that posters won’t feel like outsiders to the community. After looking at some posts there after they learned about this new site, it’s apparent they weren’t really interested in attracting participation from UFN miscreants πŸ™‚

    Good luck and thanks for your efforts. The only way I know to help at this point is to be an active poster and participant as you ramp things up.

    • Tacoma Ute

      That’s probably why they didn’t bother to help 89Ute or I recover our passwords. That’s OK though. This site already feels more lively than that one in it’s first day.

      I always felt like an outsider on UB5.

      • I think you’ve made enough anti-Mormon posts on uf.n that they don’t want you on utahby5.com. It’s all Mormons over there, you can’t talk s**t on the LDS church and expect to be welcome on their site.

        • Tacoma Ute

          Yeah, except for I didn’t, unless you count anti-BYU posts.