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I try and make 2-3 home games a year and I still have not figured out parking. How early do I need to arrive to get a good parking spot? And where can I park for free? I’m getting tired of parking 1.5 miles out from the stadium.

  • sweetgrass

    I’ve always parked in the engineering building parking lot for free, but you do have to get there about an hour early. And its a good 20 minute walk.

    • uteman12

      I’ll have to try the Engineering building. I think I actually parked there once for gameday and it seems like it wasn’t that bad of a walk.

      • utefansince79

        Been a long long time since I parked at Merrill.  (TRAX works very well for us since it’s free and it’s close to home.)

        Used to park at Merrill when only 25-30K went to most games, it was free, and you got right out of the lot.  Parked there once a few years ago and took a very long time to leave.




  • Grayshirt

    Have you tried TRAX? 

    • uteman12

      I have tried Trax, but I’m not a huge fan, I feel like it takes forever.

  • TK

    They charge $10 to park at MEB

  • Sir Potsdam

    We park at the Salt Lake Central Station (325 South 600 West) and ride the UTA shuttle that goes straight to the Quinney Law School across the street from the stadium.  You catch the bus back in the same spot.

  • EagleMountainUte

    I have always liked 1500 east. Mostly flat and I enjoy walking it isn’t too bad. I enjoy talking afterwards about the game. You always get fun comments from people walking with you. Win or lose. In fact the Washington 2018 game the best part of the night was the walk to and from the stadium for me.

  • mokus

    I park off 9th E, there is a trax stop and usually a special UTA bus shuttle that runs people up to the stadium.

  • Tony

    You could park in the neighborhoods south of 8th south. The walk to the tailgate is maybe 5 minutes. Another couple minutes to the stadium.


  • Dwight89

    This is what I do. Park at Smiths on 400 S. Take trax up to the stadium parking stop and walk to the stadium from there. Least amount of walking and it’s actually pretty quick and convenient. 

  • Charlie

    Best parking spot is near the most convenient Trax stop. Hands down.