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    Watching UW Cal

    The first half was absolutely terrible. Both teams looked asleep after the 2hr delay. Could have changed this game. Im not afraid of either Cals offense or UWs defense. Cal won the game on the ground. Garbers is not great but gets some sneaky yards on the ground despite running like hes full of concrete. Cal has the defense to make it a game against us. Trap game of the year imo.

    Not sure what to make of the Huskies other than Salvin Ahmed is good 

  • astUTE

    I agree, Cal is the trap game of the year.  However, i diagree with your lack of fear of the UW defense.  They are not great now, but, I fear that they will be by the time we play them.

    • UM4G

      From reading the fan comments on the UW Dawg Pound board, the impression I got is that the LB play is very young and weak, D-line got pressure early but couldn’t keep it up throughout the game, and their tackling across the board was not good. So it sounds like just problems from inexperience, that can be fixed with coaching, but we’ll see. I do wish we could have played them earlier in the season, but I still think this team can pull it off if the offense keeps improving.

  • Hammer

    What is a trap game, then, because I thought Cal has been pretty good since they got the new HC?

    • utefansince79

      There is talk about how we have an easier schedule when it includes Cal instead of Stanford, but we’ve had a better record (3-1) against the Cardinal than against the Bears (2-2) since joining the PAC.

      But our losses were both in Berkeley where we played very poorly both times and we’ve handled them in Salt Lake. Still, we cannot overlook anyone in this conference no matter where we play or where they are in the standings.






      • UtMtBiker

        We didn’t dominate Cal the game we had 4 ints and still lost. That was at home… and Gameday was in town I think.

        • UtePac-Man
          2 1

          We won the Cal game in 2015 30-24.  I think that’s the one you’re talking about.  We had 5 INT’s vs Goff and 6 TO’s overall and it took a pass breakup by Boobie to seal the victory.  Gameday was in town.

          • utefansince79

            Won them both in Salt Lake, but lost twice at Cal.  One of them they blew us off of the field.  Other was closer, but against a rather weak Bears team we should have been able to beat.


            • UM4G

              That other game against the weak Cal team is the one where Moss made the wrong read at the goal line on the umpteenth try for the TD that would have won the game, I think he was a Freshman at the time.

              • homer


                That was a totally sucky weekend. Moss zigged instead of zagged.

                Evreywhere we went was so crowded we ended up doing nothing we planned.

                To top it off someone slashed sidewalls of all 4 of our rental car tires along with 11 other cars in our hotel parking lot.

                • Alex R

                  The cal game where we lost that heartbreak was also BS because the refs wasted one of our timeouts. Still should have won tho.

          • Alex R

            We beat Cal when Gameday was in town. I’m pretty sure we had 5 picks too. Way too close but that was an exciting game.