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Swoop Doggy Dogg

Odds for 20/21 CFP champion released. Only 15 teams with better odds than Utah

USC, Washington, Utah, and Arizona State all with 100/1 odds. Four SEC teams with greater than 15/1 odds. 



  • Tednab

    .. let’s focus on rose bowl for now

    • Swoop Doggy Dogg

      Not thinking we have a shot, just that Vegas released the odds. Agreed about winning the conference for a Rose Bowl birth. 

    • Utesbyfive

      The Rose Bowl is out for this year. It’s hosting one of the semi-final games.

      • utefansince79

        Then Rose Bowl isn’t an impossible goal, just a bit improbable.


  • uteman12

    A little early, don’t you think? A lot can happen between now and when the season starts.

    • User Suspended

      Like what?

      • Hellhound152

        Dylan Moses deciding to come to Utah as a grad transfer.  haha

    • Swoop Doggy Dogg

      Vegas will take all money and any money. The sooner the better. Of course a lot can and will happen, through out the course of the season.

      I don’t know what LSU’s oddds were going into last season, but I’m sure Vegas made up for that by plenty of people betting on Alabama, Clemson, Oklahoma, Georgia, and Ohio St. Hell, I was ready to take a flyer on 100/1 odds on Utah last year when Moss, Anae, Fotu and Blackmon said they were returning. $100 bet brings home 10K. Not a bad risk/reward scenario. 

      This year, the risk of $100 is money gone with a completely new defense, QB, and RB.