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Name your all-time Utah Basketball starting lineup

Conversation Starter…  Name your starter for each position. Here’s mine

Guard: Andre Miller
Guard: Delon Wright
Forward: Keith Van Horn
Forward: Danny Vranes
Center: Andrew Bogut
Coach: Rick Majerus

  • GameForAnyFuss

    I think you nailed it. No more debate required.

    Conversation ender.

    • Tony


      • GameForAnyFuss

        Or, to borrow a term from the Cowboy Museum’s now-gone-viral twitter feed, #hashtagnailedit

  • Rick
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    It is a very good first team but I would replace Vranes for Bill Mcgill.

  • chinngiskhaan

    It depends. If you are just picking the all-time best guards, wings, and bigs, then I guess you are right. If you are picking a team to actually play basketball, I would not pick both Andre and Delon. They are both abysmal outside shooters. Having said that, and having looked up statistical leaders for the Utes, I’m not convinced there are good shooters that I would replace either of those guys with. Most of our high level guard play came before three point shots were even a thing in college basketball.

    It is difficult to have an all time Ute starting 5 without Tom Chambers or Billy McGill, but I’m not sure who they would replace.

    • PlainsUte

      Also in today’s game Kyle Kuzma should be considered.   Honestly never say McGill play or highlights, but in his day he was dominant.   Love Majerus as coach but need Judkins back to be the “good cop”, especially for today’s players who could jump in the transfer portal if they or their parents are offended by tough love coaching.

  • pedro

    These are hard.  Because we are forced to measure based on the game we know, not on the game as it were when some of the potentials played.  Billy MgGill and Walt M were certainly stars at their time.  Would I pick them for the all time, well no, the game has changed too much since they played.


    How’s that for contributing nothing to the converstation……

  • ProudUte

    Your list is good, but I have to consider some of the old timers.


    PG – Andre Miller

    SG – Mike Newlin (Ticky Burden a close second)

    SF – Jerry Chambers (Not Tom)

    PF – McGill (He actually played center for us)  Van Horn is a close second here

    C – Bogut

    Coach – Jack Gardner

    Honorable mention players:

    Merv Jackson, Mike Sojourner, Vranes, Tom Chambers, Poeltl, Manny Hendrix, Jeff Jonas.

  • UteThunder

    Andre Miller

    Keith Van Horn

    Tom Chambers

    Andrew Bogut


  • UTE98

    A non-answer answer.

    I have to throw Josh Grant’s name into the conversation. He played for Majerus in the late 80s and played a major role in Majerus getting the good foundation he had at the U. I still remember Josh Grant nearly single handedly beating the UNLV dream team in the tourney. Okay, a little bit of hyperbole, but he definitely made them work for it. It was 41-35 UNLV leading at half time. In the end that UNLV team of Stacey Augmon, Larry Johnson (have you met my grandmama), Greg Anthony, Elmore Spencer, Anthony Hunt, Evrick Gray and some chump named Dave Rice (LOL). 5 players from that team went on to the NBA. In the end Utah couldn’t keep up and lost 83-66. UNLV won the previous years NCAA tourney and were ranked #1 every week of the season. They lost in the semi-final game to Duke by 2 points, Duke went on to beat Kansas for the natonal championship. UNLV ended the season 34-1.

    Anyway, Josh Grant was a cold blooded assassin, and has to be considered to at least come off the bench. Not saying he’d start but he was a main reason for me becoming a Utah basketball fan and my attending the U. And look at us now, we’re a skiing, gymnastics, and football school.

    • Tony

      Josh has perhaps the most electric dunk I ever saw while in the audience at the Huntsman, when he went right over Shawn Bradley.  The crowd went nuts.