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While we wait for football start. Help me understand how Gonzaga has had so much

success and Utah basketball has completely gone the other direction? Some factors play in, Head Coach, Mark Few, BB only school, consistent program stability. Hard to rationalize LK is doing a bang up job at Utah. Have to believe the only thing keeping LK employed at Utah right now is his big contract, BB celebrity status, and Harlan too young in his career to risk going up against LK and all his national BB supporters. Maybe Utah BB had it’s day with the Big Man in charge? Blessing and a curse going to UofU during a decade or so of great BB tradition.

Harlan lowering the curtains on empty seats is telling of program problems with decling attendance maybe he’s not willing to address? To be fair, a lot of this mess was inherited and overall, college BB attendance has been on the decline. Other than some photo shoots with established Utah donors for the football remodel (way in motion before he got to Utah) not sure what the guy has done for Utah athletics in the past two years that was not already in place or moving forward from Chris Hill? Seems like he talks a lot while riding the Utah P12 success wave. I am an outside fan so I am sure there’s probably more to what Harlan is doing for the UofU. The action and results of Chris Hill were truly apparent that he was invested in the UofU. These guys are paid a s**t load of tax payer, alumni, and student money. Not too much to ask for some productive results. Again, to be fair, I am sure there is waaay more to what Harlan is doing that I am not seeing. Go Utes!

  • Utah

    Coach, coach, coach. If Larry wasn’t owed so much on his buyout, he would not be the coach right now and the second that his buyout is able to be digested by the AD, he is gone. 

  • Utah5410

    One thing. The Coach. That’s it.

  • Well he did get us the home and home with Florida and Arkansas. Sure beats the hell out Wyoming and Northern Illinois any day. What the was Chris Hill thinking with that s**t?

    • UteThunder

      and LSU.

      • Right. Sorry I forgot that one. He’s doing better on the scheduling front for sure.

    • dystopiamembrane

      Give fans a reason to travel, I suppose. I had a two week excursion to Wyoming planned

  • D T

    We had basketball tradition in place long before Big Rick.

    W/his heralded incoming recruiting class & our returning production, our Coach K has got to start getting us back to The Tourney next season.