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Someone should share this article with Ricky Parks

Just in case there is any concern RP might have buyer’s remorse or decommit at some point, all he needs to do is read about Akrum Wadley’s experience with Kirk Ferentz and his son Brian Ferentz (OC) and their S&C coach Doyle who they just fired. And this should be more than enough to help reinforce the fact that he made the right decision. These are real problems to be concerned about within Iowa’s coaching staff and program. The Morgan Scalley deal is poor optics but it isn’t a real issue within our program as evidenced by all present and former black players coming to Scalley’s defense.

This last paragraph in the article says it all…..”My time at Iowa has done things to me that I am not going to discuss because knowing how these people treated me and other black athletes,” Wadley writes. “I am done giving them power over me. But if I could do it all over again. I wish I never played for the Iowa Hawkeyes. I would not encourage any future athletes or parents to send your kid to go play for the Iowa Hawkeyes under that current coaching staff.”
Playing for Iowa was a living nightmare according to former star RB

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    No, allow the kid and his family to research a school and decide what is best for them.  Obviously we prefer he ends up at Utah, but allow them to make that decision without being an obnoxious fan.

    • MDUte
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      You’re right. What I should’ve said is that I just came across this article that is headline news material on ESPN. So I’m sure RP will end up seeing it. Since he made multiple visits to Iowa and was planning on going there until Kiel MacDonald helped change his mind that Utah was a better opportunity for him, I would imagine that someone close to him, not an obnoxious fan, would end up noticing it as well and share it with him in on the basis of reinforcing his decision. And IMO that should help mitigate any risk of him being flipped back to Iowa at some point. It would be naive to think that the recruiting process stops once they verbally commit. Coaches still stay in contact (ex. CP3) and kids often decommit/flip to another program. We’ve been fortunate to maintain commitments from our top recruits over the years like Jaylon Johnson. But it will happen and sting pretty bad when it does. So with all that said, when RP ends up seeing this I would think it helps reinforce his decision. Just don’t want to lose this kid…he could very well end up being our next Zack Moss.