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  • Utah Utes Fans


    Final Testing

    Do we know what time the final COVID test occurs for the teams?

  • Onlyu

    Will be done by 11 today

    • Utesbyfive
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      Tell me it’s not the rapid antigen tests. Those have a very poor false positive rate. :/

      • Cesar Chavez

        That is incorrect the Abbot and Sofia antigen test have only a sensitivity of about 65%-75%, which means they have about a 25-35% false negative test, which is what we would want in order for this game to be played. The false positivety rate on the antigen test was a result of using the wrong tranport medium. Also all negative antigen test get automaticaly reflexed to PCR wich can be up to 92-95 sensitive depending on viral load.

    • SalUteopia

      So what’s the verdict? Anybody know?

      • rUckUs

        No news is good news in this case

        • Cesar Chavez

          ITS GAME DAY BABY!!