RIP #22


This class is loaded. The Utes are strong going into 2021.

So Utezone lists us with 3 incoming freshman 4* recruits, but if you add the three young incoming 4* transfers, and depending on which rating service you look at, Ricky Parks is also 4*… 6-7 four stars.

This is by far and away the best class Utah has ever signed. I think there are a number of instant impact players coming in, on top of the #2 rated defense in the Pac-12 (Who would have thought that at the beginning of 2020!?) Devin Lloyd, Brant Kuithe and Nick Ford returning…

I think we make a lot of noise in the Pac-12, including compete again for the south title. I can’t imagine the press looking at this team and not thinking we’re anywhere but in the top four teams in the league coming out next season.

Amazing job by the Utah staff… Really amazing, and I’m hoping things are back to normal enough to see a full season.


  • Larry B

    Somebody mentioned this below but, our offense will only be as good as our O-line allows it to be. From what I saw last “season” they need some work, especially in pass blocking.

    If the O-line improves quite a bit, there really isn’t a weakness on the team and I would bet on them winning the South and maybe even the conference.

    • Utesbyfive

      I am not one who buys the narrative that our O-Line is deficient. Our O-Line will be fine IMHO.

    • Charlie

      Over the years, Utah has not had ready made OL come in.  With a few exceptions of some JC / Transfer guys, they develop given time.  I expect most the young guys to make a lot of progress.  If Umana stays another year, I expect they will be winning most of the line battles.  If it holds that USC and ASU have players move on while we don’t, I think that will show next year.

    • pedro

      The O-line got better every game this year while dealing with a different line up for EVERY game.  Post-COVID out O-line will be strong.  As with the WR discussion above, a good QB can make the O-line look even better.