RIP #22

Larry B

Gary Anderson turned down $2.7M he was owed by USU

Didn’t he do the same thing at Oregon State? Integrity move but still… I wish I could casually turn down millions of dollars lol.

  • Utesbyfive

    The rumor running around is that he was so out of it his last few weeks at USU that he was basically AWOL, and coaches had to track him down to come and do his job. The dude is a flake, and I don’t want him anywhere near the Utes. It sounds like he’s dealing with some serious personal issues.

    • Tednab

      So bizarre. Doesn’t make sense .. Up and left Wisconsin at the height of his career to go coach at Oregon St . From there he just spiraled down, leaving millions on the table each time he ups and leaves

  • ProudUte
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    I just wish Coach K felt the same way…

    • MDUte
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      So true @Proud, if only Larry K had the same amount of integrity!

      • EagleMountainUte

        He did at one point. Paying to cancel that Zoob game was a good example. Chasing down a bike thief.

        Once he got his paycheck that pretty much made sure he never has to work hard again… can’t say I blame him too much. Integrity being what it is now days I can’t blame him.