Rick Majerus cited several times by Porter Moser in intro press conference

Porter Moser in his introduction at Oklahoma cites Majerus as reviving his career after a coaching set-back at Illinios State.  He said he learned much from 4-hour dinners with Majerus and other meetings where the SLU coaches went back and forth with ideas on how to neutralize their next opponent.  He said Majerus taught him to teach with short, repeatable teaching points that would combine into a wall he called the “culture wall” at Loyola.  He would later have these engraved in bricks on that wall.   Moser also credited his Jesuit education and training (Creighton and then at St. Louis & Loyola-Chicago) for teaching him life-lessons about “servant leadership”.

Culture Wall


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  • Johnny

    I’ll bet money Harlan reached out to him, but it was too late. The Oklahoma deal was likely already agreed in principle.