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    KGRZ late July update


  • therealu

    Excited to see it, but for the love of god can we please do something about the pink chairs in the rest of the stadium? 

    Also, rumor has it that the field turf is going to be replaced before the season.

    • MDUte

      Interesting, I haven’t heard anything about the turf getting replaced. I believe we just recently replaced the turf a couple of years ago and if I remember right they said at the time that the turf is usually good for about 10 years. Not sure if that’s accurate or not as admittedly, my memory isn’t the best.

      I think the seats, especially in the East stands, have faded over time. When I look at old pictures they don’t appear as pink as they do now.

      • therealu

        Someone from Field Turf posted on Twitter after the Garth concert that it would also be the last event on the old turf, and the new midfield logos will be the interlocking U’s. 


        Also, anyone have a blow torch?


        • CincyUte

          This summer’s been hot enough.  I’m sure all the chairs are red by now.

        • MDUte

          Awesome, I found the tweet you referenced. And it looks like the rep confirmed that interlocking U’s are replacing the Block U…very cool!

        • MDUte

          Nice video on the blow torch…if that’s all we need, I hope someone will get on it. As long as we are going all out on RES with the new Ken Garff Red Zone, newly restored Cauldron, and new field turf…let’s get rid of the pink!

  • UtahUtesRock

    When I saw KGRZ I thought it was some strange acronym for cougars.