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    Break out game

    It’s time for a break out win over a ranked team – to do this we need to be there early and be loud to back up our boys and truely make it uncomfortable for the Forks.

    Last time they were here we made it miserable for Daniels – his line for the night was a whopping 25 yards passing and 8 yards rushing.  He was sacked 3 times by Anae and he was made miserable all night.

    This was not long after he spurned us at the last minute by committing to ASU – little did we know at the time that his mom and family were likely getting paid to help his decision.

    I think that Whit has the memory of an elephant and doesn’t want that skinny kid to have anymore success here than he did in 2019.  Daniels and his mates are on record saying how much they hate the state from their earlier trip to the TDS – lets hope they hate it even more when they have to limp home from RES on Sat night.

    I can’t stand that the Forks can be documented cheaters with no penalties and the entire staff and all players still in tact.  

    This one could be for all the marbles and we need a W – let’s hope the boys continue to be 22% better this week and send a message to the rest of the leauge that this is our year.

    Go Utes!

  • EagleMountainUte

    ASU placed three coaches on administrative leave. Not sure if that is the case still. 

    • PlainsUte

      Well that happened back in August, hasn’t seemed to hurt the team that much so far.

      • EagleMountainUte
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        Well they are performing better than I expected. Comparing the schedules so far though I still am not sure about their ranking.

        I mean both teams lost to an above average poo poo. They beat Stanford after they had their usual huge win over Oregon. Stanford usually does that though. ASU has largely controlled UCLA and Stanford from kickoff.  

        Utah looks worst because of their SDSU multiple overtime loss and an absolute struggle to beat Washington St who recently beat Oregon St. 

        ASU looks better because of Stanford and fUCLA wins. Which might be a way of over ranking them. 

        Now I am just rambling I think because your comment isn’t about any of this other than a simple statement of facts. 

    • Walkman

      The wrong three coaches – all reports point to the head of the snake being Antonio Pierce – yet no discipline for him.  

      Let’s send these guys home losers

      • EagleMountainUte

        Oh boy do I hope so. ASU is a must win game. Obviously Utah has zero margin for error but these two weeks after the bye is their entire season.

        Especially with ASU who can basically put Utah to bed with a win. I like Utah in every game remaining sans Oregon. As bad as Utah has looked we saw amazing against a bad SC team. I still see a possibility of a one loss South winner in Utah holding the tie breaker over ASU.