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Anthony Richardson to the NFL

Florida should be very beatable at home next year. With 11 P5s next year we could easily make the playoff as a 2 loss champ.

  • The Miami Ute

    Yeah, I called that a few days ago. I follow Florida football and it was increasingly obvious that Richardson would declare for the draft. He’d be a fool not to because he has all of the physical tools and is projected as mid-1st RD pick. Personally, I think he’s better than Trey Lance, he sure as heck has played against much fiercer competition, and Lance was the 3rd pick of the 2021 draft.

    • RedUte14

      You did call it. I was against you hHa

      • The Miami Ute

        Florida’s QB room is in shambles right now. There’s no doubt that Napier will bring someone through the portal to QB the team next year. Whoever that person is, doubtful that they’ll have the same physical gifts that made Richardson so difficult to handle in Gainesville this past season.

        • fosternano

          I hear Tuttle is available to go to Florida 🤔😆

  • cicampbe

    …and their second string QB just went to jail for possession of child porn.