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Cal @ Utah for Gameday Chances

Very likely unless Cal has a meltdown next week. I don’t see any other games that are worthy that week.

TCU and Kansas State? Nahh…

  • Let them stay away. I am still sick from 2010.

  • palos_verdes_ute

    hahaha – i hear ya !

  • Ute Bc

    Would love it. Maybe a little unlikely since they just did a PAC 12 game.

  • palos_verdes_ute

    but there isn’t any other games that are close.. maybe OKLAHOMA STATE/WEST VIRGINIA could go in that week as undefeated.

  • THEeyepatch

    Tell me what SEC matchup happens in two weeks? Because I’d give a high probability they go SEC since you know… they are E(SEC)PN.

    • EUte

      Yup. It’ll be Georgia-Tennessee or Florida-Mizzou. They might as well just start calling it “SEC Game Day” so they’ll no longer feel obligated to throw in the occasional visit elsewhere.

  • BioUte

    My guesses:

    Oklahoma vs Texas – Red River Shootout – backdrop is State Fair of Texas
    Michigan vs Northwestern – both ranked – ESPN can continue their Michigan love affair

  • UtahUteGuy

    It’s going to be the Michigan-Northwestern game, guaranteed, unless one of them loses this coming week.

  • rbmw263

    Should wait for a potential top 10 matchup with UCLA