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    Scrimmage Tomorrow


    Closed to the public so most won’t get to see much of anything.  What are you most excited to hear about? 

    New Offense against a defense we expect to be pretty good?

    QB Play?

    OL vs DL?



    Only 20 days to game one so I expect this and maybe next week to be the only “mostly live” scrimmages of camp.  Pretty important stuff the next 7-10 days…excited to see how this shakes out.


  • PorterRockwell
    2 2

    Football will be played.  The public won’t be allowed. The defense will still be ahead of the offense.  Our new long snapper will be awesome 

    • FtheY

      Remind me who the new long snapper is? 

      • JackCrimson

        Remind me who the new long snapper is? 


  • Red Don

    QB play.