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Week 4 Bowl Projections


Bonagura: Cheez-It Bowl:

    Utah vs. Fresno State

Sherman: Sun Bowl:

    Utah vs. Virginia Tech

– I’ll take the more difficult game, in Texas

USA TODAY: Frist Responder Bowl Utah -v- FSU (Dec-26, Cotton Bowl – same as last year)

– tough matchup considering what FSU did to Northern Illinois

SI: Cheez-It Bowl, Phoenix

    Utah -v- Iowa State

– Ok – Plan on going, at least enjoying the sun!

Sporting News: Las Vegas Bowl –

    Utah -v- Boise State

-tough matchup – packed stadium!! – can’t wait!

  • Wilson's Mustache

    I don’t think I can handle it if my team goes to the Cheez-It Bowl.

    • tarheelute

      Agreed – but only slightly worse than the ‘chicken bowl’ in Frisco

      • therealu

        As of today the Foster Farms Bowl is now the Redbox Bowl. And no, that is not a joke. 

        • chinngiskhaan


          Is Redbox still a thing that people actually use now with renting/streaming videos so readily available these days? I can’t imagine that Redbox is still going strong. You would think they would spend their money on other things.

          • ironman1315

            they have their own streaming service as well. Also, I can watch Jurassic World now vs months from now (not that I necessarily want to because it seems like its a crap movie)

            • chinngiskhaan

              or you could just rent it on Amazon, fandangonow, xfinity on demand …

              • ironman1315

                Cheaper to go to the box.