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  • Utah Utes Message Board

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    Isn’t it strange that Utah State is not in the CFP ranking?


  • ironman1315
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    Their schedule blows.

  • mokus

    They deserve to be on the list. Not sure if they are a top 20 team though…

  • alharmon

    Well…ya know, they gotta get their beloved SEC teams in there, no matter if other teams deserve it more.

    I think they should probably be in, not 14 like they are in the AP poll, but somewhere 20-25 yes.

  • UteFanatic
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    I hate to be “that guy”, but who have they beat? They lost to the only P5 team on their schedule.

  • TheJuggernaut

    Not strange at all. SOS of 115 is all you need to know.

  • Puget Ute

    Crazy to think that had they knocked off Michigan State (which they almost did) they would be ranked high in the CFP.  The Aggies have a better SOS than UCF, and that would have been a signature win that UCF hasn’t had since Auburn last year.

    I can’t believe UCF is #8. They are becoming more insufferable than Boise State fans. But at least they made Temple look like an offensive juggernaut last weekend, so that was nice of them.