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  • Utah Utes Fan Board


    Hello all…

    Heard about this site on Utefans.net (cougarboard 2.0 lol) so I figured I’d check it out. Hope I can contribute to some intelligent conversations, breaking news, or what-not. I post on Block U as THEeyepatch. I don’t bother posting on SLTrib or DNews because it’s just a waste of my time going through the moderators but I do haunt both sites when I’m looking for a good chuckle.

    As of now I don’t see a line on Oregon but as I’ve posted on Block U, I believe the Utes can take this game. If there were a year to take down the Ducks, it’s this season!

  • Brettski

    Welcome! I think we’re all trying to figure out this new age of Utah message boards. I’m liking this place and hope it takes off.

    • THEeyepatch

      Thanks Brettski, yeah… so far so good. Now it’s just a matter if people hang around and more people join.

      • Hockeybeard

        The admin has stated he’s been swamped with a couple hundred new user requests over the last couple days, so I think the interest is there. The job now is on the users to make sure the discussion and community keeps up and supplies the topics.