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Stats from last night

Interesting to look at last night’s box score. Jayce with 12 rebounds, Tillman with 18 points and Allen with 14.  In Majerus style Oregon shut down our best player. Barefield with 5.  We shot 34% from the field and 8.7% from 3 with 23 attempts. 8.7%!

  • snafu

    Live by the 3, die by the 3

    • Tony


  • dystopiamembrane

    Seems like it’s always been that way, huh?

  • Puget Ute

    I love the way Headband Jayce is playing right now. 4-4 (floor) for 9 pts, 12 rbs, 4 blocks.  He needs to roll this aggression and energy into next season.  He was an absolute defensive FORCE in the paint last night, and was getting downright crafty around the basket. 

    Donnie Tillman going 9-11 at the line and Timmy Allen going 6-6 would have made Rick Majerus smile. That kind of FT shooting from the Forwards will win games.  Timmy Allen is also one of the most efficient Forwards in the nation over the last half of this season (.585 floor, .722 FT, 5+ reb)- GREAT news for next year.

  • palos_verdes_ute

    Everything in the inside was rather cleared up – allowing jace with rebounds, Tillman and Allen with layups.  Oregon was too busy defending the three point perimeter.  That was the MO – take our threes out of the game.