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  • Dwight89

    Yeah the reality is it will be highly unlikely we ever truly compete for a Natty unless we turn into a blue chip recruiting program. It’s part of what sucks about CFB, there isn’t parity. 

    • EastCoastUte

      unfortunately, i agree with this^

    • whitlessham

      Agreed, Utah winning the Natty would be like winning the lottery.  Buuut, I believe the program (under the correct leadership) could get to a position were Rose Bowl is the goal every year.

      It starts with getting a top 20 recruiting class on the reg.  this article might help those who don’t believe in recruiting https://www.blocku.com/2019/7/10/20688615/university-utah-utes-football-ncaa-national-playoff-contender    

      • noneyadb

        Utah marketing team needs to change the myth and awkwardness surrounding the state of Utah. Switching to Jordan or Nike apparel, bring the kid back that was making the preseason hype videos, and start making being “A Ute” the popular thing is a beginning.

        Competing against Brigham and continuing the rivalry with Brigham will only continue that Mormon Utah view.

        • Hellhound152

          Agreed on the video’s.  I was almost wondering if the University hired McKay Pett.  One day all of his highlight video’s were gone and the highlight packages from the school got much, much, better.