2 Deep 2022 Post Rose Bowl Addition

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      Ute Fan

      Obviously, this could change with transfers both incomeing and going. But, I think most of the current two deep stays. ONLYU has pointed this out… Once you look at the 2 -deep it is incredible how great 2022 could be….. IMO Losing Covey is huge not only with what he does but his leadership, that is the one guy we will not be able to replace next year. 



      1. Rising (1st Tm pac) 2. JJ or Barnes —– I dont see either of the true frosh coming in and winning the back-up job. Guess we will see. 


      1. TT – (1st TM Pac) – Everything I’ve heard is he’s coming back. 2. Bernard/Glover —– Don’t sleep on Ricky Parks though.  I saw some saying Bernard will move to full time corner. I dont see it. Would be shocked if that was the case. 


      1.Vele 2. Mcclain

      2. Solo 2. Cope

      3. Parks 3. Dixon 

      Vele is a star in the making….. Enis could move on but until/if he does here he is. He loves Utah. And is a great leader would prob be a captain next year. 


      1. kuithe (3 x Second tm pac -12) 2. Morris 

      2. kincaid (HM pac- led us in TD receptions) 2. Kendall

      3. Yassmin    3. Vaha 


      Yassmin takes over Fatheringham. Yassmin is a freak athlete.  Hopefully he blocks as well as Cole. 



      LT -Kump                        1. Falcon K 

      RT – Daniels (2nd Tm all Pac) 1. Luke Felix 

      C- Maile                                1. Maea 

      G – Bills                                 1. Mokofisi 

      G – Laumea (Hm all pac, 2nd tm all pac) 1. Marist T 

      Line is solid…. All ahave played… key is Kump. Can he stay healthy. Many believe even this year he was our best Offensive lineman 



      ughhh – S**t show. IDK 




      1. junior T (freshman of the year PAC) 2. Devin Kaufusi 

      2. Aliki Vimahi                                   2. Tennessee P 


      1. Van F                2. Miki s 

      2. X Carlton           2. Jonah E 

      DE’s have gotta get stonger, especially X.  We need someone to step up opposite Van. 



      1. Reid      2. L Barton 

      2. Ethan C  2. Josh Calvert 

      3. H Fury    3. Trey Reynolds 

      Time for Ethan to step up… Wouldn’t be surprised if Lander Starts… So much talent but little experience, this is the only posiiton group that worries me. 



      1. Philllips (2nd tm all pac)    2. F marks 

      2. JT Broughton (Hm all pac ) 2. Z Vaughn 

      3. Malone M                          2.  E Llyod 

      Stacked at corner next year. Coming into this year JT was our best corner… He’ll be ready for spring ball. 



      SS – Cole Bishop (hm PAC)  1. Sione Vaki

      FS – K Latu                         1. RJ HUbert 

      We may need a free safety from the portal…. Can Hubert stay Healhty.. He has an NFL body and athleticsm and has played a lot.. But, can he stay healthy. Latu was the defensive player of the week against SC. Not sure if he’s a starting free safety. Kid is a missle though..


      Hopefully we address some thigns int he portal. But we are stacked. 


      Go UTES 




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      Ute Fan

      Carlton is in the portal.

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      Ute Fan

      We have some recruits who may end up getting a lot of playing time.  I hope we can find a place for Jackson.  He is an amazing athlete.

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      Ute Dub
      Ute Fan

      Suguturaga and Ellison were both playing over Carlton by the end of the season, I think a healthy Hubert starts. 

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      Ute Fan

      Without transfers this team is the favorite to win the pac 12. USC is at least one year out, ASU and Oregon are a mess, UCLA, Arizona, Wazzu, Oregon State will all be decent but not at our level. If we can add a few high caliber players at positions of need through the portal, we can compete for a playoff spot. Losing Covey, Lloyd, Ford amongst others will all be huge losses but this team will be the most talented team we’ve ever had (by recruiting rankings and the fact that we return so much production from underclassmen) and maintains some great leadership.

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        Ute Fan

        If we’re lucky USC will be another year out . They just have scary talent and now a good coach

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      Ute Fan

      The persistent rumor that Ethan Calvert is done playing hasn’t been debunked.

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        Ute Fan

        Due to injury, correct?

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      Ute Fan

      I think moving Bernard to WR is a much higher possibility than CB he doesn’t have what it takes to be a DB in this system. He’s got great hands and WR will be unproven next year outside of Enis(if he stays) and Vele. I still think we need to get a couple DBs and WRs from the portal. We need to completely revamp STs I want a new kicker and new punter next year, I don’t think we have the guys on the roster that can get it done

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      Ute Fan

      I have to think that, given the Rose Bowl exposure, we’ve got to be primed to absolutely crush it in the portal this offseason, right?

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