3s Avalanche buries Lakers

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      Ute Fan

      Jazz 114 Lakers 89

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      Ute Fan

      when everyone on the floor can nail 3’s (less gobert), that’s hard to defend.  they move the ball very well.  this team has a chance to win the whole thing.  

      i suspect defenses will start to hang out at the 3 point line and simply allow the jazz player to penetrate (defense doesn’t collapse on dribbler) and take their chances.  

      i can’t believe how the game has changed in the last 10 years.  steph curry changed the game.

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        Ute Fan

        and/or James Hardin.  Not sure change for the better though.  At least they are getting better at not calling all of the BS “fouls” out on the 3 pt line like they used to.  That made the game almost unwatchable.  

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        Ute Fan

        Unreal how many of our reserve players are hitting the long shots.   The bench had 9 treys last night and a ridiculous nineteen treys against Charlotte on Monday.

        Wish Kuzma was playing for ANYONE else but had to cheer for him when he had the spinning layup along the baseline last night.  (Might not have cheered if we weren’t blowing them out at the time)




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      Ute Fan

      This Jazz team has brought me back to the NBA. (Total bandwagon I know). I was a huge Jazz fan growing up, even proposed to my wife at a Jazz game. After Sloan left, I moved out of state and lost interest in the league. Last year I watched a lot of the bubble playoff out of sheer pandemic boredom and was hooked by this team. The changes in the game take some getting used to but it is fun to watch. This Jazz team is the real deal, if you aren’t watching you are missing out. 

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        Ute Fan

        I’m hoping a little change of coaching scenery (eventually) will re-ignite my Runnin’ Utes fandom.

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