Bryan Harsin fired as Auburn HC

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      Was a bad hire from the start

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        Why do you think that? I thought he was a great hire on paper as he had a lot of success at the G5 level. 

        My in laws are huge Auburn fans. They are glad he’s gone. Heard he wasn’t recruiting very hard compared to Saban and Kirby. I thought the fake cheating scandal was a bunch of garbage he’s shouldn’t have had to deal with. And apparently Auburns boosters are impossible to please. 

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          Although there is some ability for coaches to succeed anywhere in the country, that is the exception, not the rule. Generally, I think coaches somewhat have geographical ranges and need to stay in that range to be successful. The reason being that their connections and recruiting pipelines are in a given geography. Exceptions to that are schools / coaches that have a HUGE national profile. Then it is less important. Then there are unicorns like Urban Meyer. But to take a guy from Boise and throw him into the deep south – he has to reestablish his connections and pipeline. He has to learn a new football culture. It seems tough. 

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