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      Ute Fan

      The Oline did a heckuva job last Saturday.

      The atmosphere at senior night was excellent.  He loved his time at Utah.  His family was pumping him up before the game.  He said that doesn’t normally happen.

      His best memories at Utah are: Covey’s punt return against the Ducks and the come-from-behind victory against USC.

      They have made mistakes early in the game that have caused the offense to start slow.

      He said that his run on the scramble was faster than Johnson’s run.  He was laughing when he said it.

      He feels like his knee is much better than it has been and hopes to be less worried about tweaking it or taking a hit.  

      Tavion punishes guys that try to tackle him downfield.  Riley pointed out that TT has fresh legs.

      We were down to the third-string center.  He did a phenomenal job.  That’s why most people didn’t even notice the change.  He has to do everything the starting center does by calling the plays, etc.  He is not on scholarship and neither is Barnes.

      Everyone was excited for Logan Kendall and his TD.  His nickname is the Rhino.  He said the coaches weren’t happy that he reached the ball out at the pylon.  Johnson came out cold turkey and made that pass.

      A lot of players are going with the mullet hairstyle.

      He loves playing with this team and how everyone including the non-starters are all working together to prepare to play.

      He thinks the coaching at Oregon has improved this year.  They are playing better than they were this time last year.

      When you have an injury – you have to adapt and check down earlier than you normally would.  (I think we have seen this with Cam.)

      Oregon does a great job of confusing the offense with their alignment, etc.

      Noah Sewell is a great athlete and he will be watching him closely to see if he is blitzing, etc.

      When you are playing in a very loud stadium, you have to change things and how they communicate.  Loves playing in a hostile environment.

      Cam believes that Oregon is using the two blowouts from last season as a motivator.

      He changed subjects a bit when Bill asked him if they could duplicate last year’s results.  He was smart enough to avoid saying anything that could be used in the Oregon locker room.

      Cam also wouldn’t pick a winner in the USC/UCLA game.  He just said that both teams are great.

      Sometimes people try to make this game be more important than other games.  He said they are just preparing for this game like any other game.

      He said the team is in a great place and is as good as they have been this season.


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      Ute Fan

      Thanks for the summary! Sounds like he referred to his time in Utah in past tense? Did you get the sense that he’s for sure going to the draft (and not taking the final year + NIL$ option)?

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        Tony (admin)

        Yeah he’s been pretty clear about that. 

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          Ute Fan

          He still has a chance to improve his draft stock but his passing accuracy the past two games has been suspect.  Personally, I hope he improves wins us 4 more games and gets drafted in the first 3-4 rounds but we shall see!

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