Durvenay from Texas led the nation in receptions.

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      I am sure he will be a handful for our depleted defensive backfield.  Apparently, he plays slot receiver.  I would assume that coverage will fall mostly on Guidry.  However, I assume that Scalley will mix up coverages in an attempt to confuse texas.

      I read some Texas news articles about him.  He has a chip on his shoulder because he didn’t receive any national awards.  He is anxious to prove everyone wrong.  He is certainly Ehlinger’s favorite WR.  He has almost half of all their passing yards.  Sounds like stopping Durvenay is the key for our defense.

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      Devin Duvernay

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      They also apparently have another receiver (Johnson I beleive) back from injury. He has missed the last month and half. Big target at 6’5″.

      Our secondary will have their hands full.

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      Feels like it will be the usc gameplan again. Utah being a half second behind lobs to receivers where the DB take a bad angle or trip. 

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